Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter morning. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . and the cottage entry is bathed in cold, bright sunlight.

Today I'm very busy 'taking down' and packing away the Christmas decorations indoors -
but I'm taking a quick break from all that so I can say "good morning" and
share the sunshine with you.
The cottage/garden/gazebo exterior was done on Sunday when it was much
 warmer and working outside was quite pleasant and invigorating.

When I raised the dining room window blinds this morning I think the first visitor,
 a Tufted titmouse, was waiting for me to melt the ice. With hot water in the 
tea kettle I did just that, and scattered a few nuts nearby for a breakfast
snack.  Being so much colder now, the birds, and of course squirrels, are out 
in force. We filled all the feeders yesterday so today they are happy.

I loved all your 'ironing' comments on the previous post. 
Thanks for sharing how you address one of those home chores which we all
 face at some time or another.


  1. These are beautiful pictures, Mary, especially the shot of the titmouse. It's so sweet of you to melt the ice in the birdbath!

    The cold weather (in the 20's) here makes me feel very lethargic. I'm working on the living room today---the tree, mantel and all sorts of Christmas decorations here and there. I think somehow all of it multiplied since I first unpacked it!!

    Happy New Year!

    Jane x

  2. Cute bird - and lucky too - that you will melt the ice for him. Lovely morning photos. Now back to work!!

  3. The photo of the tufted titmouse is sweet Mary. I do like the light in winter on a bright sunny day. It shines in our back windows most of the day and currently the sun sets behind the dining room window. I think I've even noticed a bit longer light at suppertime lately. Maybe I'm just dreaming. :) Have a cozy evening. xx Pam

  4. Hello Mary - I'm new to your blog - love the picture of the Tufted titmouse.
    I'm intrigued by your ironing comment so must go and read your previous post!

    All the best Jan

  5. Beautiful morning, Mary. What a sweet little tufted titmouse waiting for you to help. '-)
    Happy Winter!

  6. We packed Christmas back in the loft on Sunday ..... not as nice a job as bringing it all out !!
    Lovely to see you looking after the birds ..... we've seen so many blue tits in the last few days as well as many other birds.
    Keep warm Mary. XXXX

  7. My Christmas is all put away. We have blue birds and purple finch enjoying our feeder.

  8. What beautiful pictures Mary!! The Tufted Titmouse photo is just gorgeous! I love birds!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ok, I'm ready for spring! And so is that cutie pie perched on your birdbath. Happy weekend ahead, my friend. xoxo

  10. What a lovely morning spectacle all around. Golden indeed.

    The lil' critters must adore you!

    You know, while most of our xmas decor is down, we still have the lights up outside as it keeps snowing and has been so cold. Gravity helped up take down the paperchains and bunting as one strand fell down and rested on the other. "Right, time to clean these up too then" we acknowledged to one another.


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