Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fade from Blue. . . . . .

Less than two weeks ago I shared the really deep blue of this year's
 hydrangeas in my garden HERE.

The bushes are huge, the flower heads big, heavy and numerous.
Now, just a few days into official summertime, they are already starting to
 fade because they are planted in parts of the garden that get direct sun in the 
afternoon.  These lovely shrubs should really be resting in shadows, taking a
 shady siesta after lunch! When I planted them many years ago I had more
 trees in front of the house and porch and they did get shade. Now the sun's
 rays find them easily so along with very hot temperatures, and often high
 humidity, I'm perhaps lucky to have any hydrangeas at all!

Of course I've cut some for the house and hopefully later I'll have plenty
to dry for the dark days of winter.

I really do believe this is early in the season to have blooms already turning 
dusty shades of pale green, lavender, soft pink. Still beautiful though.

 Between the older blooms there are still fresh bright blue ones opening - such
 wonderful plants.

The front garden on this beautiful Sunday morning. . . . . . . and me blogging
from the shady gazebo in the back garden, where a cardinal mom is feeding her
 squawking baby on the grass, squirrels are performing their usual gymnastics
 on the feeders, woodpeckers and nuthatches are breakfasting on the suet,
 and a sure sound of summer in the south - cicadas making their unmistakable
 music. . . . . 
and I continue to heal (and wait patiently for permission to work in the
 garden again). . . . . . . . . and am thankful for many things.

Do you grow hydrangeas? 
How are they doing this summer?


  1. Those are my favorite color. For some reason, all mine are pink. I need to put some acid in the soil. Mine are all north facing.

  2. The colors of our hydrangeas are ever changing, but haven't started fading yet. Your faded ones are just as gorgeous as the bright blues. So glad you are out in your gazebo recuperating.

  3. I LOVE Hydrangeas! Mine are doing very well this year, lots of blooms and a lovely shade of blue. It does seem early for yours to be fading. I have several bushes, in various parts of my yard, and all of them are blue except for one quite deep pink one.
    For the first time, mine are starting to fall over a bit. I think it might be because of the rains we had this week. But I'm hoping to get out and cut some of them. I read that the mopheads might be too heavy. We'll see. I'll perhaps have to cut them back further this fall.
    Your bouquet of fading hydrangeas is so beautiful. Don't rush your recovery.

    1. Glad yours are pretty too Lorrie - know you will be sad to leave them when you leave on your big trip soon!
      I think mine just get cooked in the afternoon heat here - they are much too big and falling over too. They will perhaps get cut back almost to the ground this Fall if we decide to have the house painted - it really needs it! The painters will need to get to the porch area without huge bushes in the way. That will require taking the jasmines down too, and they are doing so well - I can't even think about it all right now!
      Mary -

  4. Your bushes are loaded. So big and beautiful. I do love hydrangeas but they won't survive in this environment. I've noticed in the past few years though that the flower shops sell them for arrangements. Never used to see them here at all, but anything can be had at a cost. Blessings for continued healing. Tammy

  5. Your hydrangeas are stunning Mary even a they begin to fade.
    I have several hydrangeas in the garden to the front of the house, two are most definitely pink, one can't decide is it's pink blue or somewhere in between and the newest one which is about 5 years old is pure white. They have all started to flower just this past few days, no chance of them fading from the sun, it's more likely that they'll turn rusty from all the rain!
    Glad to hear that you are being a patient patient, there'll still be time for gardening once you are feeling 100%.

  6. The surroundings sound idyllic, Mary - lucky you! It's a grey day in the grim north today (only joking). My mum used to say that iron filings liberally sprinkled in the ground turned pink hydrangeas blue. I've never tried it...

  7. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. Mine aren't quite blooming this much yet... Another week or two I think.

  8. Your hydrangeas are stunning! I have three bushes and they're tiny and just now starting to form some flowers. I don't think they get enough sun.


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