Saturday, June 4, 2016

Brilliant blues of June. . . . . . . . .

Yesterday I worked out here. This morning, up early, I poured my coffee,
 sat on the front porch and just enjoyed the view.
Then of course I grabbed a camera and took some photos as the 
sun peeked through the humid morning air.

Mother Nature certainly worked hard whilst we were gone for
three weeks. Apparently there was lots of rain, then hot temperatures, 
meaning nonstop growing and blooming. As I write this, mid-afternoon,  
the temp. is 90F but feeling like 99F with the humidity, it's scorching out there.
Thunderstorms later according to those who supposedly know about weather. 

Kind neighbors mowed the grass while we were gallivanting
around Ireland. Bob mowed yesterday while I did a lot of clean up, pruning,
 watering etc. Now I need to shop for some Summer annuals for pots. 
I was not really expecting the hydrangeas to get this huge as in early
Spring they looked somewhat thin and sad. You can imagine my 
delight to come home to this magnificent show of blue among all the
 brilliant greens.

We already spy many, many figs. . . . . guess I'll be making jam again come late Summer!

View this morning from my wicker chair on the porch.

I have lots more to share with you from Ireland.
Life is busy right now as we get ourselves organized and settled
 into some semblance of normal routine. 
Thanks for all your kind comments on my recent Ireland posts - I'll catch up
 with you soon.


  1. Mary,

    Your hydrangea looks like huge blue powder puffs! I think if I were driving or walking by I would stop in my tracks. Simply gorgeous!

    Tending the garden and keeping up on the weeding and watering does take so much energy and when the weather is unpredictable our days tend to revolve around it.

    I hope you had a lovely trip. Touch base soon. Our plans for Asheville are finalized for 7/23 to 7/31.

    Love to you and Bob!


  2. Dear Mary - I am so pleased that you had a wonderful trip to Ireland and hope that Bob found lots of interesting information regarding his ancestors too.
    Your garden is looking wonderful, blue Hydrangeas I would love, possibly because I can only grow pink ones in my soil - why is it that we always want the plants we cannot grow?
    Lots of figs on my tree too - like you, I shall have to make some jam. I usually cook them with a slice of brie between a cut fig and then wrapped in Parma ham.

  3. I love your blue hydrangeas, they make your cottage look even more stunning, real kerb appeal!
    Liking the Irish header shots very much.
    bon dimanche

  4. Welcome home Mary. I loved the photos you sent from Ireland. Your garden is looking fabulous...can't believe the blue of your hydrangeas. Rosemary is so right, why is that we always want the things we can not have. Hydrangeas do not like our cold winters.

  5. I've never in my life seen such amazing and beautiful flowers of blue....just stunning.

  6. What a beautiful welcome home! Those hydrangeas are exuberant and joyful, aren't they?!

  7. Oh the hydrangeas. It looks like Martha's Vineyard. Mine are gorgeous but hot pink. Like blue better.

  8. Your hydrangeas are so beautiful Mary! I miss growing them. We are not too happy with the HOA situation here where I can't plant flowers and veggies. Changes are in the works.

  9. Beautiful photographs - hydrangeas are my favourites!

  10. What a treat it must have been to come home to that sight! My hydrangeas are all pink and mauve but are not yet quite in flower. Soon!

  11. Your hydrangeas are beautiful They do not grow well here because of the heat but I have stubbornly planted one in our little yard. It didn't flower this year, I think it's because we had such a bad drought this winter. Looking forward to more of your photos or Ireland.

  12. Your morning sounded absolutely divine! Although we'll be saying goodbye to our current, cozy home, I'm a big believer that when we return "home" near the end of the year, we'll find a new place to call "home" and make our own. What a BEAUTIFUL cottage you have. The perfect "yellow", surrounded by the most incredibly blue hydrangeas. :)

  13. Isn't it amazing what the garden does when you are gone for 3 weeks? Whew! Good luck whipping it into shape. Love, love the blue!!!

  14. Wow!! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, Mary. Please send us some of that nice warm weather. I'll even take the humidity with it. :) We're in for a rainy week, which we need, but I'm really longing for warm sunshine. It will come. Have a lovely week Mary. xx Pam

  15. To echo everyone who has already said it: Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! And, I am jealous! We just don't have luck with them. . .Love seeing these.

  16. Your front porch and hydrangeas are absolutely stunning! Welcome home ~ I'm sure you have much to catch up on!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful hydrangeas!

  18. Hi Mary! Things growing quickly here too. I love blue hydrangeas so much!!

  19. What incredible blue you have with the hydrangea. Gorgeous. Mind you, I would utterly melt in such high humidity with that heat. ugh! the prie one pays for lush green there though.

  20. Mary, I wouldn't want to leave this view. How perfect to have your morning coffee on your porch taking in all this beauty. Gorgeous! Happy Summer, my friend!

  21. Oh the glories of blue - such peacefulness and sweet thoughts come to mind. Love love love the header. I'm so far behind on reading blogs - I'll catch up one day.


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