Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer reading - after Ireland and Surgery. . . . . . . . . .

How lucky can I get!
No cancer, so very thankful
No major housework.
No lifting and bending.
No traveling, oh NO - just for a while though.

BUT. . . . . . all the time in the world to read wonderful books this week and next. 
These, waiting to be opened and have their pages turned, are full of promise.

Since coming home from Ireland a couple of weeks ago, I have been eager
 for the mailman who has showered me with new books. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . other than FALLEN by Lia Mills, a Dublin writer, which tweaked my
 curiosity when I photographed this Dublin street banner, and which
 I was able to purchase later at a tiny Killarney bookshop, my books have come
 to my mailbox. FALLEN is set in Dublin at the time of the 1916 Easter
Rising and is an historical story of a young woman coming of age amidst
 violence and loss.

MEADOWLAND - The Private Life Of An English Field
by John Lewis-Stempel somehow appeared online when looking for something else.
 I had to have it!

"In exquisite prose John Lewis-Stempel records the passing seasons in an
 ancient meadow on his farm."

That singular sentence was enough to tweak my appetite for learning more
 about my much loved English countryside - the fields of Devon were my
 playground and I will always remember and love them for ever.

ON AN IRISH ISLAND - The Lost World of the Great Blasket 
by Robert Kanigel. 
The story of Great Blasket Island is a must read because I'm now besotted by
 the history of this Irish island (the largest of a group named The Blasket Islands
 off the Dingle coastline) which was inhabited until the 1950's.

The House on an Irish Hillside by Felicity Hayes-McCoy is the
 new book I've decided to read first.
 It is so wonderful I plan to do a full post on it later.
 Just know I'm really happy to have found this book by this amazing author - and that
 I have been fortunate to have just visited the Dingle Peninsula where she lives
 for much of the year.

. . . . . . lastly, a new book about the extraordinary record-setting woman aviator,
 Beryl Markham, caught in a passionate love triangle with safari hunter
 Denis Finch Hatton and Karen Blixen who, as Isak Dinesen, wrote the
 classic memoir Out of Africa.
Circling The Sun by Paula McLain.

My read and reread dog-eared copy of West With The Night was written by Beryl
 herself and published in 1942. It has always been one of my favorite books
 about adventurous women and life in Kenya back in the 1930's.
Hmm, Kenya, Africa, Masai Mara, Safari, Big Five. . . . .some day!!!

All photos by me - thankfully a small camera is not very heavy!


  1. The House on an Irish Hillside, now this made me smile as my poor old mother came from such a place in Cavan. Her brother sill lives there as far as I know on the farm. Thanks for commenting on my Ovington post, it was a nice village though I have to say Agatha Christie lived in our Village (and is buried in the churchyard) which I am afraid does not look any think like Ovington. Glad to hear your in the clear and hope you recover from your ordeal quickly

  2. So sorry to be absent for so long dear Mary. I had no idea all that has been going on with you. I am thankful that you have come through your surgery and have a clean bill of health. Relax with your books and relish relaxation for its own sake. We old gals can snap back quickly, but it is ok to stretch it out. Your books sound wonderful! Hugs, Penny

  3. They all sound wonderful. Enjoy your down time reading!!

  4. So pleased you have had a clean bill of health. Take care and rest up as much as you need to now - reveling in all those awesome reads. I must check the review on Circle the Sun. We lived in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya, East Africa in 2011. The flight that Denis Finch Hatton made was directly over our home (many years later of course!) Greetings Jo

  5. Wonderful time - to be able to read and relax. I've just ordered a couple of the books you posted about - always nice to find new books.

    1. I'd love to know which ones JoAnn!
      Hope you enjoy - I'm about to start on the next one but haven't decided which it will be yet!

  6. Glad for good news! Enjoy your reads!

    1. Thanks Lynn - doing better and hope to be able to start back to normalcy soon!

  7. So thankful for the good news! Relax and enjoy all your wonderful books. :-)

  8. What an intriguing list of books to keep you company while you recuperate. I'm glad the news was good!

  9. just stopped in to see how you're feeling today. The books sure look good! Have you started any? Looked at your hollyhock post as well. Hollyhocks are one of my absolute favorites!! When you plant them dont expect anything for a year or even two.....they require so much PATIENCE. ha ha lol After the second summer lo and behold mine started growing taller and taller in the summer heat and the sweet sunshine and suddenly they started blooming......beautiful hot pink blossoms! I was so enthralled with them. They bloomed all summer and yes, once they bloom, they will seed and come back for you to give you a show again and again. So glad your friend sent you some! I truly love them, to me they are very old fashioned flowers and just special

  10. What a great list of books. I have Circling the Sun on my to read pile too. I do love British and Irish historic novels. Enjoy the reading!!!

  11. I have made notes about "Meadowland" as it sounds like it might be as interesting as "Watership Down" was years ago. I loved that book .... Probably why I still have such a great affinity for rabbits.
    Glad to hear you are doing so well after your surgery. I have a friend who had her thyroid removed several years ago, which had a cancerous tumor on it, but she continues to get good negative reports and I'm sure you will too. You'll be ready to travel again in no time.

  12. Gosh, I feel so utterly and completely out of it when discussing books. I love to read and yet, I always fail to find...well, make time, to do it! Meadowlands looks like a very good read! I must get back into a routine of reading before bed! :)

  13. I'm relieved and very, very happy to hear you have a clean bill of health, Mary. I can feel how uplifted your spirits are and all of your books look fascinating. Enjoy some rest and reading!

    Love and hugs,


  14. What?!!! How awful of me to not keep up with what is going on with you! I didn't know you were going through health issues! I'm so sorry! Rest, relax, read and recover! xoxo


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