Saturday, June 11, 2016

Feeling a bit ruffled . . . . . . .

This is my 'lone robin' who has lived in the garden for so long.
An extra long birdbath shower yesterday required lots of fluffing and
preening on the warm brick steps afterward.
Meanwhile, my feathers were ruffled somewhat as I spent the afternoon
at the hospital and surgeon's office preparing for my surgery next week!
Have you ever had a tiny camera shoved up your nose and down 
your throat after being doused with drops and sprays? Not nice but the way to
check your vocal cord nerves.
Then paperwork covering my entire medical history again, and an EKG - heart
looks good. Mostly I check out pretty good for an old gal, BUT after four years of
watching and checking, that darned thyroid now needs to be removed.
I'll be the guest of a local hospital, hopefully just for the day on Wednesday,
and, fingers crossed, the surgery goes well thanks to my wonderful
surgeon Sweeney Todd/Doctor F.
Apparently my throat will be glued back together and the doc will make
what will eventually just become another wrinkle in the old neck!

Anyone out there had a total thyroidectomy?

Needless to say I'll be taking it easy for a couple of weeks, and will have time
 to catch up with everyone and share more of the trip to beautiful Ireland.
Then I'll tell you where our travels will take us next.


  1. Sorry to learn this Mary - the check up sounds as if it was probably worse than the surgery might be, shoving a camera up your nose sounds pretty horrific. You will be in my thoughts next Wednesday Mary - good luck and all the very best♡

  2. Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery, Mary. I'm sure you find it all a nuisance but just think how much better you will feel down the road. I hope you have lots to keep you occupied while you heal. That's a sweet little robin. I have many here every day and enjoy their song.

  3. Thanks so much dear Rosemary. Not looking forward to it - general anesthesia is never liked but the surgery will be 2.5 hours so I don't want to know what's going on for all that time! I've told Bob to find me a beautiful diamond choker - he thinks my huge scarf collection will do the trick, haha!

  4. Oh my goodness... you take good care of yourself. We are waiting in anticipation for your next journey.

  5. Good luck dearling and I know you will be back on your feel like the 21 year old that you really are :)
    My sister in law had a thyroidectomy. They did it so well, the scar is part of the creases in her neck, you can't spot it even when you try to find it.
    For her, every aspect of it was quick and easy. I hope the same for you. love. C

  6. Not pleasant for you. So sorry to hear you are having this, just after your lovely holiday. You will be in my thoughts.

  7. Good wishes on your surgery.

    Don's problem was not the surgery - but the medication that caused his condition - which is different than what you are experiencing so you won't have to go through what he did before they decided to take the thyroid out - glad for that.

    Don had his thyroid removed (after it was irreparably damaged by a medication he shouldn't have been taking and it was not even approved for what the doctor prescribed it for - but several years after he stopped taking the medication on his own choice, certainly not the doctor's - and felt better for it - the thyroid acted up and he almost died from overactive thyroid "thyroid storm") He was two hours from complete organ shut down - a wonderful endocrinologist recognized the symptoms - started him immediately on two meds and he was up and walking by himself within three hours - a real miracle.

    But even so - feeling better, he still had to have the thyroid removed because it was hard as a rock and dangerous to his health. He had the surgery - was home in a few hours with a tiny scar in a fold in his neck that doesn't even show - and now his health is excellent - better than it has been in ten years. The recovery was easy - just no lifting for about a week I think it was - they glued the incision with a special glue and he never even had any pain at the surgery site - he is on replacement meds for the thyroid hormone and all is well.

    You'll do great - it is a quick and easy surgery.

    1. OMG, poor Don, that must have such a fright for you all. Thankfully the right doctor was there for him at the right time, and glad he is doing well. I'll have to be on a med. afterwards I guess.

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you have to have thyroid surgery. And that camera up your nose and down your throat sounds awful. I am terrified by medical procedures...I would've had to be extremely drugged up for something like that or knocked out! I have a few friend that have had their thyroid removed and they all recovered nicely and you can't even see their scar. Blessings to you.

  9. Dear Mary,
    Ouch, that sounds so uncomfortable. I'm very sorry, my friend. I'll be thinking about you!
    Lots of love your way!

  10. Good luck with the surgery. Oh I have had that "wrinkle" in my neck since I was 20 years old. Hopefully they can leave your para-thyroid. Yes, my thyroid and para-thyroid have been gone for that long and I see to survive fine. I will be sending you good thoughts.

  11. Hope you'll be back up and messing around the garden soon.

  12. That really didn't sound like a pleasant experience, Mary dear, shall be thinking of you on Wednesday and sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  13. Love that sweet little bird taking a wonderful little bath, Mary. You capture wonderful photos, my friend!

    I don't envy your upcoming surgery and I pray all turns out well and you recover well. And quickly. I've heard that comments should not be about yourself but I have been through similar procedures...the tube going through the nose several times but for me down to my stomach. A little more recently through my throat to my liver. Amazing what they can do but sadly, they can't 'knock you out' for this. Ouch.

    Sending love, prayers and much support. Hugs to Bob for being your main man and support system always. Love you both and we will be sure to meet up in a few weeks!

    Jane xxx

  14. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. No, medical procedures never sound like any fun at all; however, once this is a done deal and you get about the business of healing, my prayer is that you will feel better than ever!

    1. Obviously, my brain is not firing on all cylinders. I saw that bird and thought: Wait a minute. That looks familiar!

  15. Dear Mary, I will be thinking of you on Wednesday and the days following. You are very brave to go through with this procedure. I am so sorry that you have to have this done. I'm sending healing thoughts your way. ox, Gina

  16. Not a nice experience you have ahead of you. Anaesthetic is not something to look forward to, but a necessary thing in this case. Take things easy after the op, and recuperation will go all the better . A good time for a re look at all your photos from your trip to Ireland . Take care and get well soon.

  17. I hope your surgery goes well. Take it easy and rest a lot.

  18. Hope that all goes well with the surgery Mary and that you'll be back home and blogging very quickly.

  19. Dear Mary,
    I've been waiting for some free time (ha) to read all of your wonderful Ireland posts. I'm on the couch on Sunday afternoon and beginning from this post So sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. It doesn't sound pleasant. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.

  20. Oh Mary, I do wish you well with your thyroid surgery on Wednesday that you will be right as rain in no time. Blessings to you and prayers for a swift recovery. xx Pam


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