Monday, April 10, 2017

April shapes and shadows. . . . . .

On Sunday I had to do some garden work. That said, I must add that I never thought
 I'd get to this point in my garden chores where I describe it this way.  "Had" to, 
"chores", even "work".
Well a garden is always work. . . . . . remember that quote I've shared previously ~
 A garden is a thing of  beauty. . . . . . . and a job forever.  So true!

Fifteen years ago I could work out here for 8 hours straight. Everything was 
immaculate, aches and pains had yet to start, I had stamina. Now I can only work
 for short periods of time but that's OK, as long as I can keep gardening for an hour
 here, maybe a couple of hours there on a good day, I'll do it. I have been 
blessed with a small piece of land and I like it to look lovely from my windows. . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . .and be a haven for wildlife.

So, on that perfect Sunday afternoon, I took a late lunch break under the umbrella
 on the back deck. I made a simple blender smoothie - blueberry kefir (I'm addicted to
 healthy kefir), tossed in fresh raspberries, a couple of ice cubes, a sprinkle of Chia seeds. 
No mosquitoes around yet, just a light pollen dusting.
 I was in heaven, enjoying the new greens bursting forth overhead - Spring
 sending me a joyful message from the trees and blooming shrubs.

Are you enjoying bloom time yet?
Will you have pretty gardens for Easter next weekend?


  1. How wonderful that you got to sit outside and enjoy your beautiful surroundings! It is finally nice enough here that I can sit on my porch and enjoy my coffee, but we haven't brought out any chairs yet. I could sit on the front stoop, but doesn't feel too good on my back. ;-) And still just a little bit early to uncover the patio furniture and get it set up. We'll probably do that this coming weekend. Hubby is starting the yard work in earnest this Saturday. He's been working every day, so no time up until now. And with my recent knee surgery and now a back injury, all I can manage is some light work.

  2. Your garden is so pretty. It makes all that work worth it. We are starting to green up here. Some of the trees are getting bright green or red leafs. The azaleas, redbuds and dogwood are blooming. I am enjoying everyone else's gardening efforts until I get a chance to create my own.

  3. Coming here is like opening up a garden magazine. It a looks so beautiful.And what a perfect haven for wild-life. Are the chickadee still nesting, Mary? No nests here yet but we are only now breathing spring air. +24C today. Heaven. I'l be awhile getting my gardens going.

    1. I think they are in the front porch nest box still - haven't seen a lot of activity but hopefully there are eggs by now!

  4. Very nice blooms...none here, but plenty of melt today and tomorrow. It may make 78° tomorrow.,

    1. Oh I do hope you get warmer weather now Vee - and your flowers start blooming for Easter.

  5. What a lovely, peaceful garden you have, Mary. I do love the springtime!

  6. We have had so much rain this spring that it is hard to get in the garden and work. Tiny bit here and there only, so it won't look fantastic for Easter, but hoping by Mother's Day. I want to have lunch in the greenhouse for Mother's Day. We will see!!!

  7. It's so much harder when the aches and pains start. Your garden is looking lovely!

  8. That sounds like the most incredibly delicious drink to soak in the gorgeous surroundings! Even though you may not be able to be out in the garden as much as before and it may require more of a chore these days, it still looks utterly beautiful. An English cottage garden can certainly be overgrown and somewhat wild too, you know!

    BTw, I did not know what Kefir was so had to look it up. Can't say I've ever had it but would totally imbibe that drink right about now, if offered it. Yum. So healthy too.


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