Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Moonlight. . . . . . . .

Moonlight is sculpture.
Nathaniel Hawthorne ~

Did you see the moon early last week? 
I ventured into the night garden on two occasions to photograph this
 special moon. . . . . . . it was beautiful in the almost balmy April evenings.
The tall oaks have graced us with new leaves, giving dimension to the
full moon which was brilliant on those nights.


  1. There was a special full moon gathering at The Secret Garden that night, but I didn't go. I watched the moon from my backdoor. :)

  2. Stunningly beautiful pictures, Mary!! Do you use any special lense or filter for night shots?
    I remember the full moon on Tuesday night, it looked magical, like liquid silver poured over my neighbour's beautiful garden.

    1. No, didn't use any filters but did fiddle around with camera settings trying them out - this is my Sony which I must say is a great camera, and NOT a DSLR. The close-up is probably the best I've ever managed to capture showing the craters - especially the ones on the top left edge of that beautiful moon.
      Mary -

  3. Yes, it was lovely and I even took a picture for Instagram, but it is not as beautiful as yours.

  4. Mary, you are so very good at photography. My moons are always so small. I love that you can see the oak leaves.

  5. Hawthorne was so right! Your photos of the moon are just beautiful!

  6. These are gorgeous moon shots Mary. I did see it and it lingered in the early morning sky as well. Have a great week! xx Pam

  7. Wonderful moon photographs, Mary. I did observe the moon from my front porch and then my bedroom window. Cool air rushed around me as I watched clouds thick and thin drift over the moon, changing it from a clear globe in the sky to something other worldly and ghostly. It was lovely.

  8. Yes, I was photographing it too. I must say your photos are spectacular though. I love everyone of them.


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