Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stay calm and don't breathe in . . . . . . . . . .

Kitchen windowsill blooms from the garden.

Not much is looking fresh and sparkly around the cottage this morning. . . . . . . .
and it's about to get worse as the sanding of the bathroom walls and ceiling, which
 had to be refinished after stripping wallpaper and removing the popcorn, 
takes place this morning prior to painting.
George and his wife are good workers - staying until 5:30 pm yesterday, 
and arriving on time this morning at 8:30 am - that's always a plus
in my book!

I'm expecting a good result and it will be wonderful getting rid of the dark
 wood trim and having fresh paint everywhere. When they are finished, 
we'll be getting prepared for the installation of the new vanity/basin top on
 Thursday, lovely new faucets, and the new glass shower doors will be made
 and installed later. 

Thanks for the good wishes yesterday. I wonder why we put ourselves
 through these often stressful scenarios around our homes, don't you?  
The crumbling and cobwebbed mansion of the doomed hermit, Miss Havisham,
 in Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations comes to mind - and I guess I
 prefer not to leave my home, sometime down the road of life, in such a state!

See you here tomorrow for Michael's weekly online art fest, Scribble Picnic -
visit now and join us, we'd love to have you. This week's theme is fun -
Grandfather Clock.


  1. LOL Mary, if you are going to be a Miss Havisham, it will be in a sparkling clean place ! :)

  2. It is hard going through a remodel, but it will be worth it!!

  3. So glad they showed up on time and worked the full day. Oh you will love it when it is done. Lovely garden bouquet.

  4. Hope it is everything you imagined, Mary. Good luck. :)

  5. Keep the end in mind and it will be worth it.

  6. Beautiful flowers! And I really like the delicately painted Easter eggs in your current header photo.

  7. Boa tarde, a imagem decorativa é lindissima, certamente que a mesma depois de exposta vai transmitir alegria.

  8. A wonderful write up -- looking forward to seeing the results! :)


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