Saturday, April 29, 2017

A FIRST BIRTHDAY . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello, I'm Colin and today I am ONE!

This is all so new to me - what on earth is my mommy doing bringing me
 a cupcake with one gigantic burning candle?
Daddy made me wear this silly crown. I must be a prince today.
There are a lot of people singing, and I think they're singing to me!
Many of these people I know - the other little kids and I play together often.
I recognize their mommies and daddies too.
They seem to be munching smelly cheese and crackers, and chocolates from 
England. I've already traveled to that country because it's where my
 daddy comes from! They're eating more cupcakes too, while the daddies,
 granddaddies and great grandaddies enjoy a beer, and the grandmas (one came
 all the way from South Africa, she's my daddy's mom), sip their wine. 
Everyone is chattering a mile a minute, my aunts and uncles, cousins and 
whomever - I think I have a big family and I know they
all really love me a lot. 

My cousin Jasmin was the official photographer here today - but my great
 grandma Mary took these photos. You know how she has to take photos of
 everything for this blog. . . . . . .but she asked me to write because she's just 
very busy at the moment, and I think you know why!


  1. Absolutely lovely Great Granny Mary - I would love to be a GG too - may be one day. Hope you have a really wonderful trip, you will see great antiquities in Sicily, come back with your always exquisite photos - two weeks before I leave so I don't think I shall be able to wave to your ship this time round♡

  2. Happy 1st. Birthday! What a gorgeous sweet boy! :)

  3. Colin is so adorable. Happy birthday, sweet boy.

  4. What a beautiful baby boy ... Happy Birthday, Dear Colin !!

  5. Very Cute wee man. Have a wonderful voyage Mary. It sounds very exciting.

  6. Well, happy, happy birthday, Colin! Love your crown! My favorite photo is center stage in the mosaic. What a cutie!

  7. SO precious - I love the photos! Such a wonderful birthday celebration with friends and family alike! Love you both so much xxxxx

  8. Happy birthday to sweet one-year-old Colin! Awesome photos by your great-gran Mary. I would love to see the granny who comes from South Africa and whereabouts she lives. You see, I live in South Africa as well. Have a wonderful day, dear little Colin. Jo (South Africa)

  9. Dear Mary, What a sweet and beautiful little boy. He is even color coordinated...his crown and little outfit so perfectly coordinated.
    Have a wonderful and save trip, dear Mary. Looking forward to your always beautiful photographs.

  10. Lovely photos, Mary. What a gorgeous little boy.

  11. How sweet! So happy you could share in the JOY of celebrating this little guy.

  12. What a precious darling! Glad they left the photography up to to capture this wonderful day as only you can!

    Jane x

  13. What a beautiful and precious little boy! I'm sure he's a wonderful blessing in your life.

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