Monday, April 3, 2017

Renovation, restoration. . . . . . . . . . .

.  .  .  .  .  .  . call it what you will.
It's never fun. . . . . . until it's all completed!

This week we are having work done in our downstairs bathroom. It's a small space but used a lot as it's our powder room as well as our master bathroom. 
Cottage style homes don't come with big fancy spaces! We did a major reno here 13 years ago - had the tub removed and a large tiled walk-in shower built with same tiles on the bathroom floor, and glass shower doors. Also installed a new vanity top and sink, toilet etc.  Of course back then wallpaper was BIG so it was papered, the original stained wood left as is (I hate it!) and the popcorn was never removed from the ceiling. It was a Tuscan theme and all looked OK for some years but now I can't stand it and it looks old, tired, dated. . . . . . . . . like me perhaps!

We've hired a painting company we've not used before and, as I sit awaiting their arrival - they're late of course - I'm wondering if that was a mistake!  
Bob and I have had better days - he detests all this kind of stuff. It's obvious at this point we could never, ever, go through a big house renovation. Upheaval in the home is never easy and I fear this time around it may be the last one for us. Oh well, wait and see, it could get better,. . . . . . . and I would like a little kitchen makeover in the future! 

They've arrived, thank goodness.

The boss came, a very nice man, then George the painter, 
soon to be joined by George's wife who is his assistant.
  I'll update here later - fingers crossed it will be a positive 
couple of days now we're on GO!


  1. Yes, one can endure nearly anything with an end in sight. You are both going to love it, I'm sure. Hang in there!

  2. It sounds like you have another bathroom that you can use while the downstairs one is not accessible. I want/need to have my bathroom completely redone soon - the plan is next year in time for my 50th birthday - but I'll have to move out for the duration of the work then, as I only have the one combined toilet/shower room.
    Good luck! I am sure George and his wife will do a good job.

  3. Wishing you smooth sailing with your remodel! I know how hard it is! We have some progress at our end and I blogged about it today. xo

  4. Good luck, Mary! You know how much I love home renovations, too! (Said tongue-in-cheek.) I know how hard it is to go through, but I promise you, the end result will be worth it and you'll soon forget about how disruptive it was to have strangers in your house.

  5. I just know you will be happy with it when it is done. Always so nice to have something done on the house. We need a new roof, that is not going to be pretty on our pocket book.

  6. My boy is a reluctant decorator too Mary so I understand Bob's dilemma!
    I've put up with 'old lady' pale green carpet since we arrived here fourteen years ago.
    It is pure wool and must have been good quality as except for one part on the stairs there is no sign of wear. Did I mention how much I loathe it?!
    I would love to redo everything here now - probably easier to move as we have decided we don't need stairs now!
    Good luck with the painters.
    Yes you were right with whom I'm catching up with in Brissy - you clever gal!
    Shane xx

  7. Glad they showed up. I want to see BEFORE and AFTER photos, ok? :)

    "Upheaval in the home is never easy and I fear this time around it may be the last one for us. "
    -Oh, that makes me quite sad, actually. You must keep going on, Mary. I would miss you here terribly. (Not that my feelings really matter in the grand scheme of things, compared to your family, etc., but anyway... hahah)


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