Saturday, April 1, 2017

REVIVAL ~ Antiques and more in Raleigh. . . . . . . .

I paid a long overdue visit to one of my favorite shops on a recent
 Sunday afternoon.
Before we headed to the Ansel Adams exhibition at the art museum
my granddaughter and I enjoyed an hour here at REVIVAL'S
 Spring Open House.

REVIVAL is always full of amazing painted furniture, antique and
 vintage. Their team of craftsmen turn the scratched and battered,
 faded and worn into pieces so beautiful you want to take them all home.  
Then there are the accessories, lovely items, again some antique, others
 vintage, many new, and all certain to look attractive in any home.
Below are some of the special things which caught my eye.

Their black painted pieces are outstanding - they do many other colors also.

One of Revival's three cute shop cats.

Some cool music played in the back room - Ed Moon 
Jazz Trio - and there were great refreshments being served.

Jasmin and I both fell for these black and white botanical prints.
We like how they are framed between glass with distressed black painted frames.
We purchased the pair - the one below is here at the cottage in my
 living room - and Jasmin took the other one home with her.  

Some day in the future I'm sure the two will hang somewhere as a pair 
once again!

All photos above taken with my iPhone7

That was certainly a busy but very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. 
After the art museum we also stopped by the arboretum to see what
 was starting to bloom, then headed  to a Mediterranean restaurant
 for an early supper.


  1. So many pretties - and beautiful flowers. Sounds like a wonderful day shared with your granddaughter.

  2. Mary, Mary. This post is right up my alley. We love antiques and vintage. Makes me want to drive down to NC and look around. I need very little encouragement. Glad you had a nice day with your granddaughter.

  3. Lovely! I can see things that would catch my eye too. The prints are wonderful. You both have a good idea for wonderful delights for the home.

  4. Oh how fun. I loved the little cheese box cabinet with all its drawers. I've always loved primitives.

  5. That was a busy, active day! Sounds wonderful and I enjoyed seeing the shop you visited...very classy!

  6. What a fun day! Happy Spring to you, my friend!

  7. That looks like one of the prettiest antique shops I have ever seen !
    I saw quite few things I would love to have ... lucky for me I am a bit too far away to drop in there every day ! :)

  8. Saw a few things I'd love to make room for in my house. Lovely.

  9. Jasmine msut jsut loving spending time with you and what a fab shop--totally up my alley too with refreshments, antiques and a jazz trio! Wowza. I love the furniture pieces too. That painting you got a close up of is GORGEOUS too. Woudl so love to see that here somewhere. Heh, only prob is that there really is no wall space nigh enough for such a beaut as that. You are no doubt in the same situ but I do love the pair your chose too. Enjoy.


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