Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . .Peter the Pretender rabbit!

I have no earth shattering bunny story to share at this week's 
Scribble Picnic . . . . . other than to say when I visited Beatrix Potter's
 beautiful 17th century home Hill Top in Cumbria, England a few years
ago, I really did see Peter Rabbit hopping about in
the vegetable patch! 

This rabbit (on the serving dish I recently purchased for my Easter table) 
reminds me of Peter so I used him to make a photo image, then edited it
 to a sketch, and added watercolor with pencils.

Then there are my gorgeous white rabbits who always hop out of their
storage boxes in the attic for Easter. I love these guys and always get a 
little sad when it's time to pack them away again. . . . . . . they do hang out here
for about a month though, welcoming Spring and guarding the Easter eggs.

So run rabbit, run - all you wonderful artistic friends - over to Michael's
Scribble Picnic today where the theme word is RABBIT of course.

Happy Easter ~ happy Spring!


  1. I enjoyed this, Mary. Your bunnies and header are so gorgeous. Thank you for your good wishes for a sunny Easter. We are due for two straight days of sun starting tomorrow.

  2. Mary, I am such a fan of Beatrix Potter, that I immediately loved your rabbits. I love the movie made of her life, and that would be something on my bucket list to make that visit.

    Just elegant and beautifully done.

  3. I would LOVE to go to Beatrix Potters home! What a treat that would be! Love the serving platter. Hope you have a blessed Easter!

  4. Yes, that does rather look like Peter, peering back to see if Mr. McGregor is still hot on his trail. There is nothing quite like Beatrix Potter's wonderful illustrations! Easter blessings to you!

  5. Hello,
    Your photo drawing is lovely and reminds me of Peter as well. How wonderful that you saw him in the garden.
    I also like your white bunnies. Fun that you tuck them away to seriously appreciate them again next year. Lovely spring to you too!

  6. I love that, Mary. GReat pick and well done. Also always love to see your darling white rabbits.

    "This rabbit (on the serving dish I recently purchased for my Easter table)"
    -Whaaa?! i thought your were about to cook it or something for rarebit! Too too funny.

    I so love you being a part of scribble picnic and finding a way to join us, entertaining us with your stories too, let alone your wonderfully insightful comments. In fact, I replied to the one left for me on my blog that you might care to read later. So great. Thank you!

  7. Love your scribbles and love, love your bunnies!

  8. Your serving platter is beautiful. What a beautiful addition to your Easter table it will make. And it makes such a wonderful sketch too. I love your white rabbits and the lettuce bowl is awesome. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  9. seeing a lot of rabbits today and they're all so cute. wouldn't mind seeing your rabbits on my table.

    have a lovely day.

  10. Lovely, So cool you got to see where Peter Rabbit had his beginnings.

  11. Such a lovely Easter table setting, Mary...and likewise for your rabbit sketch for this week. I love that you saw Peter Rabbit hopping around in the veggie patch at Beatrix Potter's estate. I adore her work and I so enjoyed the beautiful movie they made of her life.

    I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. :)

  12. Oh, I would love to visit Beatrix potters!!!! Lovely bunnies!

  13. hahaha Love how you said..."no earth shattering bunny story..." awwww. When I first saw your piece, I immediately thought of Beatrix Potter - very much her style. Wonderful piece, Mary. So sorry to take so long to visit! :)


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