Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Scribble Picnic - up a Ladder. . . . . . . .

This week's theme word for Michael's Scribble Picnic is LADDER.

At first I thought of showing my naughty husband on a ladder in the 
garden blowing the pollen off the roof - however the new rule around
here is no high ladder climbing. He's just about in agreement
after 50+ years in insurance claims, and realizing he's getting too 
old for these shenanigans. Broken bones are no fun at any age, but 
at our ages they can often mean the beginning of the end!

So, you get just a quaint little 'Polaroid style' watercolor peek at an old
 orchard ladder, and nothing more dangerous than a basket of fresh-picked
 apples balancing on a rung.

I'm a bit rushed with lots to accomplish around here before leaving
 for Europe soon - but will try to participate next week because I do love
 the next theme. . . . . . TREE. It will be hard though to 
find a favorite - I love so many different ones.


  1. I love that little apple picking picture. Yes, no ladders.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful picture for the ladder theme, Mary. I LOVE it. Love the style you've given it. Great pick and pic.

    Yes, I'm sure you have thousands of choices for TREE so will be super fun to see waht you choose. Maybe one of those giants of the African safari?

    BTw, re: your comment (in case you don't read it on my blog): that is too funny, Mary, as I was also thinking Snakes and Ladders!! I'm sure you felt the same way the first time you heard it called "Chutes and ladders." Same thing with "Hide and GO seek!" :)

    1. How right you are Michael - and to think Americans believe they speak English! Not a bad lot though, and as I've shared the past almost 55 years of my life with these wonderful people I can now almost speak "American", HAHA!
      Mary -

    2. I've never heard the game name 'Chutes and Ladders' but I have heard Americans say, "Hide and GO seek". :)

    3. How funny–I don't recall ever hearing of SNAKES and Ladders until today. I do think I'd prefer to slide down a CHUTE rather than a snake! :-)

    4. chutes are safer, for sure! Ha, when we were kids, the thought of being swalloed by a snake made it more thrilling trying to avoid them in the game though.

      Yes, Alexandra had never heard of "snakes and ladders" or "hide and seek" either! :)

  3. Wow Mary you gave a wonderful 'eye' you have rendered this ladder scene so beautifully!

  4. Quaint indeed. I eyes and spirit responded immediately. Love this.
    Yes we must be careful on ladders. Wishing you a wonderful time in Europe.

  5. Absolutely beautiful...I would mat, frame and hang that in my kitchen. I make a lot of apple pies...so I truly relate to this quaint watercolor.

  6. Mary,
    I love the way you captured part of the ladder and a lot of the tree. We certainly can taste the apples from this. Lovely picture.

  7. I've often pictured ladders next to an apple trees which is quite odd because I've never picked apples, this piece reminds me I should try it one day. I like the colors looking a bit old fashion.

    have a lovely day.

  8. This is a beautifully 'altered' pic, Mary. You are so clever! I love the smell of apple pies baking in the oven. I'm excited about next week's theme also as I adore trees.

    Oh yes, ladders can be quite dangerous, that's for sure.

    I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time in Europe.

  9. Oh sigh! How I love a ladder in the apple trees. Then the basket of apples just makes it all that much more wonderful.

  10. What a great ladder by that loaded apple tree! That's another way I've used a ladder, but didn't think of, probably because it seems our tree is nearly at the end of its apple producing years.
    I cringe whenever my husband gets up on a ladder now, especially after our brother-in-law took a bad fall from one a year or so back.

  11. What a beautiful ladder with delicious looking apples. Yummm! I love anything to do with apples and suppose it's because of the lovely reminder of my grandma. I miss her so much and was probably closer to her than my own parents. Beautiful piece and can't wait to see what you do for tree! :)

  12. Must have been a nice day of applepicking. Seems like I'm looking right outside a window into that orchard. Love it. Oh, and I'm 100% American and never called it Hide and GO Seek. But then again, I'm from New Jersey where we say we're going "down the shore" not to the beach and depending on what part of the state you were raised in, it's either Taylor ham or pork roll. Roundabouts are circles here and a jughandle, well, it's not part of a jug. Silly isn't it - but it's all English to me. Hope you have a wonderful vacation, or is it holiday. :)


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