Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sicilian Odyssey. . . . . . . .

Can't keep it under wraps any longer. . . . . . . . we are off in a few weeks
 on another beautiful ship, and I'm getting excited.
The MS Island Sky is one of the finest small ships in the world. Her sister ship,
 the MS Caledonian Sky, took me on that amazing expedition to Japan and the
 Russian Far East with my friend Paula in 2013.

You know how I love expedition ships with a small complement of passengers. 
You get to meet new people and have time to chat, and the always friendly
 crew members remember who you are and call you by name. This time there will
 be about 114 passengers with a crew of 75. Our group will number 10 so we'll be
 taking up much of the ship, we'll try to behave, haha!  We sail again with lovely
 friends from the UK, California, and perhaps a couple of new surprise travelers,
 plus of course Paula our wonderful friend and our group's great hostess.
This class of cruise ship is casual dress for the most part, no fancy evening
clothes required - always so much easier to pack for!
Also, there will also be at least one landing ashore by Zodiac boats, at the small
 Italian port of Agropoli, to visit Paestum founded by the Greeks in 600 BC, and
 to view the Temple of Poseidon.

The itinerary for this cruise sounds awesome. We'll meet up at Gatwick (UK) airport
 and fly to Naples, Italy where we transfer to the ship that afternoon and set sail
 in the evening for a nine day circumnavigation of Sicily, with a final disembarkation
 on the island of Malta. 
Although we've visited much of Italy, we've never been to Sicily, or Malta,
 so are really excited at what this trip will encompass. . . . . .from archaeological
 treasures to the recently erupting volcano, Mt. Etna.

More on the trip later as time to fly/sail away gets closer.


  1. Edwin and I went to Malta many years ago, we loved it, never made it back though. The St Johns Co Cathedral in Valletta is magnificent and Mdina, the silent city is lovely too.Marsaxlokk is worth a visit if you are on the island long enough. We went to the lace market, I bought a lovely table cloth and also had a string bag made from fishing net string, which I still have. We watched the lady make it. The house look scruffy from the outside, but if you get to see inside one, they are fabulous, marble floors and chandeliers. Have a good time and lots of photos please.

  2. It will be wonderful Mary - I love Sicily - all of the wonderful churches built by King Roger filled with magnificent mossaics, and the great archaelogical remains. I shall be down that way too, but sitting at the bottom of Italy - perhaps we can wave to one another as you pass by!

    1. I have to get the binoculars out and look for you Rosemay. . . . . . . so near and yet so far!!!!

  3. Mary, this sounds like perfection! I had the pleasure of experiencing northern Tuscany in November ~ cannot wait to return for more adventure. Bon Voyage.

    1. Helen, so glad you visited Tuscany - just such a beautiful area of Italy. We hope to go back again some day!

  4. Enjoy it. Sicily is beautiful. And Malta, well it has it's own beauty too - although some of it is a bit off the beaten track to get to.

    1. Loree I just wish we were going to be in Malta longer - it's just the one day in Valletta with an organized tour around the city, then we disembark and fly to London on our way back to the US. I'm looking forward so much to seeing the loveliness of your island - you just know I'll be taking lots of photos!

  5. How wonderful this will be .. the food, the sights and the environment ! lounging around in the sun, sunbathing that fresh air while other people do things for you lol ... what a treat :)

    1. Oh no, I don't sunbathe dear, those days are long gone! Will find a shady spot on deck for some lounging with a drink in hand - they do spoil one on these vessels. We find cruising a perfect way to have a relaxing holiday but also see to see such interesting places ashore along the way! We love museums, galleries, historic sites and learning the history of place wherever we go - and a little shopping thrown in is always a good thing!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful trip! I have been to Italy as well, but not Sicily. Looking forward to traveling through your eyes again!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip. (And I thought you were about ready for a cruise.)

    1. These are definitely a favorite type of cruising for me Vee - I could never do those mega ships with thousands! This will be Bob's first expedition class ship (I've been fortunate to go on several with my friend Paula) and I know he will love it - especially having plenty of people to chat with (it's the Irish in him!).

  8. Oh this trip sounds amazing! Definitely one I would absolutely love! Have a wonderful time.

  9. It sounds utterly amazing and with a crew of less more than 2 to 1 customer/crew ratio, you will be well taken care of! I totally want to stow away! how exciting to be able to travel with friends too. Will your hubs be joining all the merriment too, Mary?

    My sister went to Malta when she was 16...all on her own Christmas, no less, much to my mother's chagrin. Anyway, she loved it. I've always thought it would be one incredible place to visit too.

    Hope some of those spots don;t get too hot for you. I'm looking forward to reading your ventures...and glad you let the cat out of the bag. how special to have a friend like Paula too.

  10. Oh, this is so exciting, Mary! I love following along on your trips, especially since we're such homebodies!


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