Thursday, April 20, 2017

The wee interloper. . . . . . .

The House Wren ~

We rarely see this particular tiny bird in our garden even though it's a native
 of eastern North Carolina. It rarely comes to seed feeders preferring an insect diet.
 In winter months it sometimes migrates to other southern states and Mexico,
 but often just hangs out in North Carolina year round.

A very tiny bird, just a bit smaller than the more prolific Carolina wren - my favorite
 little bird ~ but the same size as the Carolina chickadee, this wren apparently has
 found its way to my front porch over the past few days, and. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

 . . . . . . . . . .guess who's having to fend him/her off from their nest site in the 
Home Sweet Home box, our pair of chickadees!

They have a plan though, when the wren shows up, one stays covering the entrance
 while the other one hangs on the Boston fern then chases the noisy wren away.

Here the House wren is sitting on the jasmine below the nest box, probably thinking
 the spider web is camouflaging it! This bird is very cute, barely 5" long and not
 as chubby as the Carolina wren.  Brown and tan, with a slightly curved bill, it also
 holds its tail erect. It lacks the white eyebrow of the Carolina wren but is also a
 prolific songster, singing loud, melodious songs from dawn to dusk during 
the mating season. I'll be keeping an eye on it as I don't want it to steal
 house and home from the chickadees - they have nested here for the past
 three years, and last year in April we were lucky enough to watch the
four babies fledge - an awesome sight.

From the wildlife habitat, my garden, yet another bird story. . . . . . . . 
 and there will be more of course!


  1. It was a house wren that took up residence here last summer and raised her babies. We were so thrilled to have her. I'm rootin' for the chickadees, too. What amazing birds they are and so intelligent. Hopefully all will live happily in Mary's Garden. xo

  2. I think wrens are my favorite bird Mary, and yet, how do you choose a favorite child?

  3. I love seeing how the two chickadees protect their nest. We are looking forward to birding again when we get into our new home.

  4. I love your bird story Mary. We have to keep the wrens out of the bluebird house here. One time I put a resin gold finch in the box and it kept the wren at bay the first year. The second year, they just built there nest over it. Oh, and that's a mighty pretty bird house!

  5. Great pictures, as always! Such a shame all those sweet little birds do not really get along with each other.

  6. You have captured great shots of your birds Mary. Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather.

  7. Beautiful shots Mary. Thanks for your visit and so glad we connected through blogging again! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Your bird stories are always fascinating, Mary, especially accompanied by your wonderful photos. Those two protective chickadees working together warm my heart. But I hope the little house wren also finds her/his place to call home.

  9. This is a special bird story for sure. Keep watching, so the little ones continue nesting in your little house.

  10. Totally amazing up close shots, even showing that spider's web. I love your birdie pics. Still smiling that you didn't show your fave wren for your BIRd SP contribution. :)


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