Thursday, October 5, 2017

Down on the farm. . . . . . .

Cows, beautiful cows.

Our visit to the farm this year actually included a lot more than pumpkins, 
gourds and squash. This is the handsome bull who services the 28 beautiful bovine girlies
 on the farm!!!!!!

Our farming friends have also given a lovely home to these young donkey
 half-sisters, they arrived earlier this year. I think Raya was taking 'donkey selfies'
 and sharing with them!

Above photos via Jasmin Sullivan Photography

Granddaughter Jasmin on the left with my neighbor Raya who's in middle school.
Jasmin did an 'Autumn photoshoot' with Raya at the farm. . . . . .the girls had so much fun
never expecting to be spending an hour of more with the animals. It was like a
 domestic 'safari'.
We all enjoyed our afternoon so much. . . . . . and more on pumpkins coming!


  1. Your granddaughter takes excellent photos, just like you! Wonderful cow portraits! Time on the farm looks like time well spent.

  2. I love working farms where the animals are kept and treated well! My brother-in-law in Yorkshire runs a dairy farm with his brothers, they have about 500 cows and calves, and the cows live in better conditions than some people!

  3. Jasmin's bovine photos are deightful - I must admit that the handsome bull looks very contented with himself!!! Looks as if you had a lovely day out with the young gals.

  4. Happy cows do my heart good. I love them and always have to stop and chat with our neighbour's herd. These photos are lovely, Mary. Well done, Jasmin.

  5. The cows are so wonderful! And I always love the donkeys..they are favorite critters to me! Y0our daughter and her friend look like they had a great time.

  6. What a fun place to do a photo shoot. Love those sweet cows faces and handsome guy.

  7. Beautiful photos of the cows! This farm sounds like a wonderful place to spend the day!


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