Saturday, October 7, 2017

Pumpkin Farm Visit. . . . . .

. . . . . . . always an autumn highlight for us.
This year was a special visit for many reasons.
  • We went last Sunday and the weather was perfect.
  • We took granddaughter Jasmin and our neighbor Raya.
  • Jasmin had been trying to get together with Raya for a photo shoot - this was a great location.
  • Bob and I were able to spend time with the farmer and his wife, whom we now consider our friends after so many visits to their North Carolina farm.
  • Once Jasmin got permission to take photos, she and Raya were able to 'play in the pumpkins' and also visit the livestock. Cows, horses, ponies, donkeys, cats. . . . . it was like a 'safari' with sweet and gentle animals - even the bull was friendly and could be petted!
  • I know Jasmin's photos are fabulous. Hopefully she'll let me share more here later.
  • Oh, almost forgot - always fantastic, the Sunni Sky's homemade ice cream stop on the way home!
My Sunday pumpkin photos. Several of these beauties came home with me - some already decorating the cottage. Now awaiting the exterior siding/painting project to have it's final check by the contractor today. . . . . . then I can work on autumn decor for the front porch.

I caught Raya enjoying her ice cream!
Cows and donkeys courtesy of Jasmin Sullivan Photography

Are you playing with pumpkins yet?


  1. Dear Mary, I love that big white pumpkin, especially the tendrils you left in place.

  2. No pumpkins here yet in this little vacation rental. Can't wait to move into our new house and start decorating for fall!

  3. Wonderful photos! I love these fall farmstands!

  4. Mary, looks like alot of fun was had! I love all the different kinds of pumpkins you photographed.

  5. You've seen my pumpkin pictures, I suppose :-) Just love the colours, shapes and textures, but as I like my clear empty surfaces at home, I have not brought in any for deco. I much rather have them as food, and enjoyed some nice pumpkin-themed food yesterday afternoon at the park where the pumpkin exhibition is in my town.

  6. Such a feast for the eyes. I sure do miss the changing of the season, especially the colors of Fall.

  7. Love the pumpkins! The ice cream makes it look like summer.

  8. I love the playing at the pumpkin farm. How I wish for one of those silvery orange globes. We have many mini pumpkins picked in our own garden, but must really go out to the farm soon.

  9. What a beautiful farm! I love the way you have that large pumpkin displayed. I saw some really interesting larger pumpkins at Trader Joe's today and was tempted to buy a few, but I didn't know how to display them. I don't want to just plunk them down on my outside table...I need to be creative and think outside the box!

  10. Such a fun trip - love all the great photos. This looks like the perfect autumn adventure. We looked for a pumpkin farm today - but didn't find one - the one we usually go to is closed for some reason this year.

    Happy week ahead my dear.

  11. Oh, those cows! Tell Jasmin her photography is fantastic. I haven't been to a pumpkin farm, but I love seeing all the pumpkin patches at local venues. Happy Fall!

  12. JoAnn said it - a perfect Autumn Adventure.
    I haven't seen such interesting pumpkins up here. We had such a dry summer that there is concern that there won't be enough pumpkins this season........and I notice that the usual enormous bins aren't outside every market.

  13. What a lovely collection there, Mary. Raya looks a fair bit like Sarah, my youngest son's GF who he is very very keen on and I think they will end up married at some point.

    Speaking of pumpkins, I bought this quite large one from Trader Joe's after reading some post of yours about them having a sale on them or something (or was it Wanda's blog?). I even bought a carving kit to carve my very first pumpkin but guess what? It never happened! The pumpkin still sits there as we consider being brave and trying to cook it up now but as of yet, its remains a decoration1

    Speaking of pumpkins,


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