Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Early morning and dirty windows . . . . . . .

I'm up early this morning. 
Another watery, pale sun is rising over the housetops to the east down
 the street, and above the changing autumn trees.
The renovation work is done on the cottage but the windows are so dirty. 

The window cleaner is due here at breakfast time. 
Coffee is made. Perhaps a croissant will be warmed and the pot
 of homemade fig jam offered.

"Rain, rain go away, my window cleaner is coming today."


  1. Good Morning Mary, I am so pleased...I see my little pansy bouquet.

  2. Pretty snapshots of the morning light Mary. There is nothing better than clean windows!

  3. I'll have a croissant and some fig jam! But I don't do windows lol...actually we are so lazy with window washing...we justify it by saying we're just renting, but it really needs to be done soon!

  4. My windows are dirty - and that's without any renovation work in recent time! They look alright as long as the sun does not shine through... which is rarely does when I'm home ;-)

  5. Very pretty photos of light in your home. Window washing makes such a difference, doesn't it? I hope yours are sparkling and polished by now, and that your window washer took you up on the croissant and fig jam!

  6. Love your collection of cards from friends. Oh a window cleaner would be just lovely. I need to find one, but now that the rain has started maybe I will wait till spring. Hummmm?

  7. I am sure your homemade ja is incredible with a warmed croissant--one of my fave meals. :)


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