Monday, October 16, 2017

Fifty five and counting!

No, NOT my age, although reverting to such a younger age would have its benefits!
Would I really like to be younger?  In all honestly yes. . . . . . .and no!
Definitely mixed feelings on this subject. To what age would I want to return?
A lot of thought will have to go into that question. . . . . .perhaps for another post.

Today it's 55 years since I arrived here in the United States of America as a

legal immigrant. An entire day spent at the American Embassy in London early
 in 1962, several months prior to getting my paperwork in order to enter this country,
included interviews, medical exams, swearing to uphold laws, signing papers
 and such. I was sponsored by an agency who would place me in a job.
 I was almost 19 and planned to come for a year to work as a secretary in 
Washington D.C., save some money, travel a bit, then return to England. 
What happened?
 His name is Bob, haha!!!!!
The United States Capitol building in Autumn - Washington D.C. 


  1. So interesting to read your story Mary. What an adventurous young girl you were, and it seems you have found your 'forever' home in the United States. What a beautiful photo of the Capitol building, in my favourite season, Autumn.

  2. How special!

    I'm selfish--I love that I met you after fifty-five years here! Many miles between us! Serendipity, I think.

    Jane x

  3. Wonderful, Mary! I guess Bob made quite an impression on you some 55 years ago. Have a lovely week. xx Pam

  4. You went down the right road, Mary. I'd like to be forty again.

  5. Good for Bob! :) Happy 55 years! :) The idea of being younger...I've spoken openly about the fact that I'm 49 and my boyfriend Alex is 29. Just for the sake of spending as much time with him as possible, I would like to be younger. But overall I'm happily enjoying my mid-life and all the knowledge I have, all the fun things I do and everything I enjoy and can experience - that perhaps didn't dawn on me 20 years ago!

    1. Way to go, Rain! You must be one extraordinary woman and engaging enough to keep a younger man intrigued. :)

  6. That must have been so exciting Mary ... what an adventureand what a wonderful life you made for yourself { and are still making !! } XXXX

  7. What an exciting story...but there's more to tell! I think we'd love to hear more about how you met Bob and your "happily ever after" story. :-)

    Age 55...hmm, that's the age I am now. Life has its ups and downs at every age, I think.

  8. 55 years! Thats fabulous! I can only imagine the stories that you have to tell after 55 years with someone, and of course all of the adventures. What made you settle in NC?

  9. That is a cute story about meeting Bob, and to me 55 is rather young.

  10. I'd love it, Mary, if you would muse on this some more...about what age you'd be if you could be younger and whether that would mean repeating everything or not, etc. Of course, if we've ever had kids, the idea of being younger and NOT repeating is impossible as we'd naturally want our children through thick and thin. but, if we could keep our children, sort of reincarnate to an age whilst still having our children in the after life to see as much as we wanted, then what age? I rather liked being in my late 20's I think but didn't like all the work and commuting so I would gladly switch out all that.

    You know, my story is so similar to yours. I too planned a short stint then met someone and got married. Sadly it did not last (although we did make it 21 years of marriage and two years together before that!) I wish I could have the same story as you there but I am thankful for another chance at love and Alex and I have a brilliant marriage, being sooo alike. First time around was the classic case of opposites attract. This is the opposite now as we are soooo similar it's crazy! Lol. Anyway, we both came here about the same age - I was almost 20. So I;ve been here now a shocking 31 years! gosh. Like me, I am sure you wonder how your life would ahve been if you had stayed in UK. As I think I have said before, everyone (except my mother!) felt I totally made the right choice to not only move on my own to America but stay to be able to marry adn rasie a family as we did. None of my friends from school ever really got to do that to the same extent with so many living at home well into their 30s since London was/is so expensive. My best friend, back home, is still single! And my other best freind is married...having also marreid an American and living in USA (Cali) but he moved after two children with his young nuclear family back to UK to take care of his mother (who was also a single mother) and has been there ever since.


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