Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hurry Up Autumn!

House painting is underway. . . . . and yes, it will remain 
yellow with white trim and olive green shutters for those 
of you who asked.
We continue to be blessed with dry weather so it should be completed
 no later than Thursday morning. 
Still hot by noon but evenings and early morning are delightful,
 there is a definite freshness in the air.

October is such a lovely month and my favorite.


  1. October is a lovely month but for me it is tinged with a touch of melancholy knowing that the spring is so far away.
    It will be lovely to have the outside of your house looking good again later this week - yellow is such a happy colour.
    We have men here today cutting all our hedges, something that we cannot cope with ourselves.

    1. Rosemary, I wanted to move (Bob doesn't) to a one level condo with no garden - but now with all this renovation underway I must say I'm ready to give it a go and stay here longer! The cottage is looking good with all we've gone through the past 2.5 weeks. When completed and the men have gone, I think I just might enjoy renewal, rebirth, whatever - and enjoy staying here at least for now!
      There's no place like home, is there?
      Hugs - Mary

  2. It's a beautiful time of year isn't it Mary? How lovely to have had your house painted .... I have just noticed that our upstairs windosills are just starting to peel .... we will have to think of having ours painted next year. XXXX

    1. Jackie - hope you are better by now dear friend.
      Yes, paint peels eventually! We paid a fortune for this paint - top of the line which should last for 15 years - longer than us most likely, haha! WE have a granddaughter who would love to inherit our cottage, and I have a husband who insists in being removed in a pine box - what more can I say, eeeeeeks! The years are fleeing - much too fast.
      Mary -

  3. Yay for work coming right along! Your house colors sound beautiful to me. One of the older Edwardian homes in town is sporting new paint...light yellow. Heretofore, it has always been white, but it looks wonderful dressed in the yellow.

  4. Your house will feel so fresh when this is all done - a new lease on its life. Pale yellow houses are so pretty.

  5. Mary, your collection of autumnal images is so lovely, I wish you had shared it with the Mosaic Monday crowd.
    Glad to hear that you are back on line and that the house renovations are moving right along, looking forward to seeing photos soon.

  6. I think yellow with white trim is THE best colour combo for a house BUt it has to be the right yellow...which you and Bob have spot on!


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