Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pumpkin Squash Pasta. . . . . . . . .

Friday I made a great, quick and easy dish calling for pumpkin or squash.
I actually used what I'm calling a 'pumpkin squash', a bit of a rogue harvested
 from the fields of our farm friends, the Johnsons, where we visited a few weeks ago.

Apparently this year, one of their regular pumpkins also grows this curvaceous beauty
on the same vine!  Similar to a butternut squash but easier to cut through for me.
All seeds are in the bulbous end so with such a long neck you get a lot of
flesh from there. The flavor is mild so I roasted along with chopped garlic, 
red onion and a couple of slightly hot peppers from my neighbor's garden.
Tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper, 40mins. in the oven brought all the
flavors together nicely.

I cooked a short pasta, Garafolo brand from Naples which I really like, added just 
enough of the excellent pumpkin and butternut squash sauce - a real steal from
 Aldi - freshly chopped parsley still being snipped from the garden, toasted
 chopped walnuts, topped with creamy burrata cheese and course some
grated parmigiano reggiano.

We enjoyed this meal immensely - along with a robust red wine - in the gazebo on
 what was a perfect autumn evening. Nothing stirring but the numerous late diners
 at the bird feeders, a few squirrels enjoying the seeds on the ground, and the
 sunset glowing in the west beyond our huge oaks.

We have a new little friend in the garden - I'll share some photos soon. 
Last evening, while relaxing on the front porch at dusk, we had a huge rabbit
 sitting in the center of the lawn when a young fox passed by within yards of it,
 not even giving the rabbit a second glance, thankfully!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and have good weather to
get outside and revel in autumn's beauty. We worked endlessly in the 
garden both Friday and Saturday in what currently is perfect weather, so 
evening relaxation has been extra special here at the cottage.


  1. What a perfect autumn supper! There will be no eating in a gazebo here where we are being lashed by storm winds and rain for the sixth day.

    1. So sorry H, you do seem to be getting a lot of rain lately - we're getting almost none - this area is now experiencing almost drought conditions.

  2. That sounds really delicious Mary! We are settling into our new home, making it ours. Trying not to rush, but wanting everything done, lol.

    1. Before you know it Penny you'll be dishing up all your special dishes from the new kitchen - what fun!!!

  3. What a delicious looking, and sounding, meal! Perfect for cozy autumn dinners.

  4. Oooo Mary .... that looks AMAZING ... I could eat pasta all day, everyday in any shape or form !!!
    Your photographs are wonderful and your header is fantastic. XXXX

  5. Your dish sounds great - and that squash-kin is amazing. I love it when things cross pollinate and give us quirky things to eat. We've begun our rainy season - a little later than usual, but it is making up for it in quantity. It is supposed to be a bit drier the next few days so I might get the deck settled for the winter - the plants are all raggedy from the rain, so need to be trimmed up - or removed (the annuals). Getting ready for more winter storms. They say a colder than normal winter for us this year - though last year they said much warmer than normal and that never happened - so we'll take each day, and storm, as it comes. Hope your week ahead is happy my dear.

  6. Ooh, I'll have to try your dish! I haven't had burrata cheese in ages. I saw that sauce last year at Aldi. I'm due for a trip there, so I'll look for it again.

  7. Mary, you can come over and slave over our little oven any time you want! :) Looks utterly divine! I never ever think to make something like this but oh how yummy that would be.


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