Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scribble Picnic - Blanket

Good Morning!
If you, like me, have crawled out from under some type of warm covering,
still bleary-eyed and are now sipping on your coffee. . . . . . . you are perhaps 
remembering all the things you meant to do yesterday!
Yikes, I almost forgot today was Scribble Picnic time and the 
theme is BLANKET!  
With painters now continuing the cottage renovation I'm being kept busy.
We lost our Google Fiber service yesterday afternoon - along with 9,000 
other customers - and it wasn't repaired until later last night. Needless to say
 there was no computer/TV activity, however I did get to finish a good book.

Last week I looked at piles of blankets and throws online - a throw is of course
 just a scaled-down version of a blanket. I looked at authentic tartans, designer plaids,
 airy cotton, moulting mohair, pilling acrylic and such, but had a hard time 
finding real old-fashioned 100% wool blankets, other than perhaps Pendleton plaids.

Why real wool blankets? Because in England, as a child, I had a love/hate
relationship with Australian wool blankets!  With no central heating, our bedrooms
 were often freezing cold in winter and our only nighttime warmth came from
those 'oh-so-heavy' natural cream colored blankets. Yes they were lifesavers, 
but also impossible to move/turn over under their weight. I recall it feeling like an
entire herd of woolly Aussie sheep were piled on top of me!
But oh how warm they were, I've never forgotten them.

I did come across this neatly boxed Australian baby blanket.
Every little one should have a BAA BAA BLANKET.
 Have just now edited the photo to a sketch and took a bit of liberty
 with watercolor pencils and such. 

Here's the original below.
Looking forward to being enveloped in beautiful blankets over
at Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC today. 
Hope you go visit, and don't forget, we'd love to have you join
in each week or whenever you have time.


  1. You did a wonderful job Mary, I love it!

  2. I bet wool would be warm! I like to be a little chilly when I sleep, so it might be too much for me! I like the little sheep.

  3. Love, love Pendleton wools. A few years ago my "live-in gardener" bought me a creamy white Pendleton blanket. I loved it, but it was too large for our small regular double size bed and hung on the floor. Thus, finally and sadly I gave it to my son for his big bed. Wishing I could find a smaller one, it was so luxurious. Oh special bedding is so amazingly wonderful. Hope you find just the right thing to satisfy your soul.

  4. It's a dark, rainy day and I've pulled out a blanket.

  5. I so love the research you do each week for your illustrations. This is just precious. I have 12 grandchildren and have made each of them a quilt or blanket! Something special about a blanket for a newborn. There is a darling children's book about a sheep that knits sweaters and scarf's for all barnyard animals.

  6. I love how you worked with this and of course love the story, Mary. Yes, I recall some of those heavy blankets too to stay warm as we could always see our breath in the winter. It was seriously cold as my mother too hardly turned up the heat. As would be the case, every winter I would end up horribly sick and chesty. THAT is the thing I miss LEAST about living in England - my constitution does not handle damp cold so well! I seem to recall that my blankets, btw, were always itchy..being wool and all. Did you use hot water bottles too..which often come with their own fleece covers too?

    Thank you for another lovely contribution, Mary. Glad you found the time..and are back online!

  7. There are so many wonderful blankets in the world. I love them.
    The one you found is adorably packaged and makes for a sweet painting.

  8. Adorable Mary,
    We still have a wool blanket that was given as a wedding present in 1971. I still use it on those nights I need extra warmth (window open) over our comforter. Snuggly.

  9. Looks good, fun packaging for a blanket.

  10. What a sweet piece. I love cosy and cuddly. Well done. It's such a joy coming over to your blog and seeing what you've come up with each week for the theme. x

  11. Nicely researched, Mary. Here in Queensland, we don't really have a need for heavy woollen blankets...funnily enough, even before I went vegan, I was never a fan of woollen blankets or feather quilts for that matter. I found them way too hot, even in our winter, and I would usually wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.

  12. I remember those heavy warm blankets and like you, I was thankful to have them when it got really cold in the winter. I love the idea of Baa Baa Blanket ... that would make a great baby gift. Really cute, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  13. That is some clever packaging for the little wool blanket. I'm allergic to wool so I can't use a wool blanket, but we did buy a beautiful one on our honeymoon that we used as a wall hanging for a long time.

  14. I had never heard of those blankets... thanks for the story

  15. What a fun name for a baby blanket!
    I remember a heavy, can't-move-a-muscle blanket in a Colorado mountain cabin we stayed in on a vacation when I was young. I have no idea what it was made of, but it kept us warm!


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