Monday, October 2, 2017

Seeing home in a new light. . . . . . . . .

I was gifted with this beautiful contemporary style poster featuring my English
 hometown when I was visiting for Christmas last year - thank you again for such a
thoughtful present Jean (we gals have been friends since our schooldays).
 I really like the soft colors, quite different from often garish versions of posters.
Because I've been unable to find a ready made frame to fit, I purchased an 
inexpensive black artist's stretched canvas and attached the poster with
 double-sided tape. An easy-peasy answer and all done in a couple of minutes. . . . . 
. . . . . and I think it looks perfect.

The poster is hanging next to the bed and I really enjoy looking at it
 each day and remembering my beautiful faraway home on the bay.


Awaking to another horrendous happening here in America,
 last night's Las Vegas concert attack, just breaks my heart. 
I pray for all, those gone forever in the blink of an eye, those critically
 injured fighting for their lives, those injured who will need care and will remain
 with both physical and emotional scars, and those who thankfully escaped injury
 but will forever live with the terrible memory of what should have been a happy night out. 



  1. I am working from home today and switched the radio on to listen to the news at 3:00 pm. That's how I heard of the Las Vegas attack. Now that the monster who commited this terrible mass murder is dead, I fear we may never know what made him do this. It is once again beyond my comprehension how anyone can do such a thing.

    Your poster is beautiful, truly a perfect gift for you! Every time I am in Yorkshire, I come across reprints of vintage posters advertising Ripon, Fountains Abbey and other places in the area. Some of them are beautiful and I am tempted to buy one, but some are, as you say, of such garish colouring that I don't want them in my flat.

  2. I have never heard of the English Riviera. I'll have to look Torquay up.

    1. Donna, if you click the thumbnail of this poster down on the right column - you can read all about my lovely hometown Torquay!
      We actually do have palm trees and quite mild weather as the Gulf Stream passes by along the English Channel.
      Mary -

  3. When will we ever learn? When will the sadness and anger go away? I do love your poster. Nice idea for showing it off and framing it in.

  4. Mary,

    Your words on the Las Vegas tragedy were very poignant, my feelings exactly, along with a huge amount of tears. Let's continue to pray for peace.

    Jean is a lovely friend, the poster is vibrant in subject, but gentle in color. I'm sure you enjoy seeing it in your bedroom-that's where I keep the treasures I love most.

    Sending love to you and Bob. Hope you are both well. I'll have to send you an email to catch up. Looks like we won't make it to Asheville this year, A is so, so busy with work.

    Love and hugs,


  5. What a lovely print and a lovely friend. Yes, my heart is very heavy today. :-(

  6. I totally thought that was framed. What a clever solution for that lovely poster.

    You know, my daughter was at the same hotel a week prior in LV and when she left for a well needed (rare) break, I was concerned about her safety adn terrorism then. She retorted, "oh Dad, it's ok. Mandolay Bay is off the strip more, my fave place there and totally ssafe. no one is going to attack there. " And wow, look what happened!

    Then e have that also mentally sick religious bigot in TX who everyone knew was a nutter and also broke illegally owned guns. his hatred of his former mother in law who went to that church was profound. So utterly heartbreaking.


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