Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Front porch 'restaurant'. . . . . . . .

I love this photo because I rarely see two of these little devils together in a
 cute pose like this!
A very quick move to the window with the camera and I caught them
 eating the seeds and crumbs offered to the birds.
They had a short fight on the rail first to decide who would eat, then the one on
 the right waited patiently for his turn. . . . . . . though there was little remaining 
as squirrels suck up their food like powerful vacuum cleaners!

Note, last week's 7" of beautiful snow is history and we are back to bare, brown, 
dreary and warm temperatures again in the winter garden.

A new purchase for the porch 'restaurant' - a birdseed bell covered with a rather 
cheapo type of seed - but I bought it specifically to spread with peanut butter for 
the birds. No sooner was it hanging when the Carolina wren appeared to check it out! 
 They are the most curious little birds.

The Carolina wren, sweetest little garden bird around here - always my favorite.

How are the birds faring in your area? 
 Thanks for helping them with food and water at this time year.


  1. I too love the wren. When I prop open the back door, they are always the ones who come inside. I feed the squirrels who are waiting for me to open the shades each morning. I have to be careful because one of them ventured inside too.

    1. Donna same here, whenever I'm working out in the potting shed with the door open, one of the wrens always hops in, looks around, and sometimes calls its mate to come, so I've had two hanging out with me - I love that! Don't want a squirrel in the house though - can cause horrendous damage from what I've heard!

      Mary -

  2. I know that I say it everytime Mary but, you do get the most AMAZING photographs of your garden visitors. They are perfect ..... I don't know if you get to see BBC's Countryfile over there but, every year, they have a photograph competition for their calendar ..... you really should enter { although, you might not be allowed to ... it's probably UK residents only !!! } Your photographs are as good as the ones that win. XXXX

  3. They are so sweet. I have a vast pine tree forest behind my home, a State Park/Preserve so squirrels and small creatures like little racoons come out now and then to visit.
    And I disregard all those who tell me not to feed them. :)

  4. Your camera (and the eyes behind it!) is soooo good - I can see every little hair of the squirrels' fur! The carolina wren really is adorable.
    I have put out some new food for "my" birds, but so far, they have not started on it, even though it is sunflower and other seeds in a thick ring of suet.

  5. Beautiful shots Mary. As you know we can't feed the birds here because of the bear. We tried. and the bear destroyed our feeder. But we still see birds flitting about as well as squirrels.

  6. I love squirrels. They're so mischievous and cheeky.

  7. Beautiful nature photos, as always, Mary!

  8. Wonderful, fun photos again. You are sooooo good!!
    I am feeding the birds daily but I can tell a BIG difference now that it is no longer below freezing every day - not nearly as many visitors! I wish I had a Carolina wren. They are delightful. And speaking of birds, I must go retrieve the feeders so the racoon does not eat the food overnight. He/she was just grabbing it out by handfuls a few nights ago. Naughty!
    Farm Gal in SW Virginia

  9. Our birds and squirrels are quite happy in our yard also. Oh those squirrels! They are so cute, but so very greedy!!!

  10. Beautiful photos! I adore our squirrel friends. Did you know that we have the very rare white ones in our new neighborhood? If you are on Instagram, you'll see a little video I posted.


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