Monday, January 22, 2018

. . . . . . and the winner is. . . . .

. . . . . . . . blog friend LOREE who lives on the Mediterranean island of MALTA, 
a place where they never see snow-covered landscapes such as I'll view
 on this upcoming trip!

Congratulations Lorree - you were one of several commenters who guessed
Argentina and Chile, the two countries we'll be visiting on this expedition
cruise in March. Tossed those names in Bob's hat and he drew your entry this
 morning as we drank our first coffee, bleary-eyed and still in our pjs, haha!

Loree, please e-mail me your mailing address later and I'll be on the lookout
 for a little memento to send along from one of those two countries.

 Loree, a long time blogger, has just started a beautiful new
 blog titled - Sincerely Loree - this year. 
I'm sure you will love it. She's an excellent writer, shares great photos as well as
 the amazing history of her small island country which I visited last year.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

MS Hebridean Sky

Once again, Noble Caledonia will be transporting us, along with friends Paula,
 Kim and Rob, on this expedition to South America. 
The cruise is titled Patagonia & the Chilean Fjords - an Exploration of the Land of
 Fire & Ice from Ushuaia to Valparaiso.
Our ship will be MS Hebridean Sky, sailing to another of the wilder places on our planet.
 This rugged, hauntingly beautiful land of windswept pampas, hanging glaciers,
and tall mountain peaks, where wildlife abounds, will definitely be fascinating.

Thanks to all who left a comment. . . . . . .sorry you couldn't all win!
Anyone out there who's already visited this area and wants to add their stories
here would be welcome. . . . . . meanwhile I'm starting to choose warm/waterproof
 clothing to layer for the cold Zodiac rides ashore, along with something lighter 
to kick up my heels when trying to tango during our stop-over in Buenos Aires
 on the way south! 


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    I am sure you will be returning from your trip with plenty to tell us, and photos to show - looking forward to that!

  2. Congratulations to Loree - you will have a wonderful time Mary and Bob. My husband has promised to take me to Chile at some stage as it is a country that he loves so much.

  3. Oh wow, I didn't expect to win. Thank you. I will email you my address. Thanks for sharing my new blog too.
    You must be super-excited to be visiting such a beautiful and 'wild' part of the world. I have an old school friend who lives in Buenos Aires.

  4. How wonderful for Loree! You are going to have a wonderful time on your trip! My step-son and grandkids live in Buenos Aries and we travel every year to visit Argentina and then somewhere in the country. Last year we went to the patagoia and it was spectacular. While there we met a group of 30 ladies between the ages of 70-93 who were biking thru Chile, Argentina, and a few other places! They were amazing.

  5. Oh, does that sound like a wonderful trip. How about a packet of seeds to bring back? Have another drawing and give me a good hint. I love to get seed packets around the world.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photo of the beautiful mountain shaped by huge glaciers.

  7. Congratulations to Loree! What a great trip you'll have. Beautiful countries, stunning scenery, and lots of fun. I look forward to your reports on your trip.

  8. Congratulations Lorree! What fun for you, making this upcoming trip, and for Lorree to win your guess!

  9. It sounds like a wonderful trip. How I would love a trip like that. My last massage therapist was from Chili and missed the tropical fruit and swimming in the sea so very much. She often talked about the beauty there.

  10. Congrats to Loree. And how incredibly breathtaking your trip’s vistas will be. Can’t wait to see all your photos!


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