Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Heads Up, it's so cold. . . . . . . . . .

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Old wives tales are often true. . . . . . . . we all recall the one about the huge
 percentage of body heat lost through the scalp without a hat in cold weather.
Actually it's true.
Didn't your parents always make you go back for your hat in weather such
as we are experiencing now?

Because I went to an all girls school in England, which meant uniforms, we had
 to wear hats. A plush navy velour brimmed hat, or a navy wool beret in
 Winter, with a navy blazer or raincoat, the latter required almost daily of course
 being England, and a gymslip or pleated skirt with white blouse and school tie.
In Summer we wore natural woven Panama brimmed hats with green and white
 striped dresses. If seen in uniform by a teacher when away from school
without your hat, it meant a detention. 

 I still love hats and have a rather large collection? They come from
 around the world - when traveling I often seem to find a special hat, and I know
 I can get it into my already bulging luggage with a bit of squishing or flattening.

Have you noticed the selection of knitted beanie/toque/turban/headband styles
 or head warmers is just fabulous this Winter?
I'm entranced by the chunky ones, in posh yarns such as cashmere, Alpaca, 
mohair, and the good old standby merino wool.
I'm ready to ditch knitting scarves while watching TV and trying my hand at 
some beanies. I recently bought a turban style headband and may use that as a
 pattern to knit some of my own head gear. . . . . . . especially useful as I'm growing my 
hair a bit longer - at least trying - and anything on my head looks better than
 my fly-away/static hair these cold days.

These hand-knitted Alpaca and merino beauties in the above photos I found HERE.
You may enjoy reading about the NYC grandmothers who make these.

via - ZARA

 . . . . . and so as not to leave out the guys, nice beanie, but how about
 that gorgeous sweater! I would love that one for myself. . . . . . .especially
 this morning as it's 12F on the barometer and snow is forecast for later today.

Are you feeling the cold lately?
Do you wear hats?


  1. Good morning, is a balmy 11 degrees here this morning! Feels warm after non-stop temps below zero. I'm actually going to bundle up and go out for a walk! I won't be wearing a hat - I hated them as a child and still do - but I will be pulling up the hood on my coat. ;-)

  2. It has been so cold here too! Those hats are wonderful. If I put a hat on my thin hair, I have to leave it on all day. Otherwise, my hair is smooched to my

  3. Go for it Mary!! Knit some hats!!! :) I got 3 done this year and I just love them, mind you, mine are very simple patterns. I'd love to get some thicker, softer wool though. And yes, that was told to me too, heat escapes through your head, which I know is true. That's probably why I wear hats all day long too! :) It's really cold here lately, but we've had a slight break in the polar's snowing so that means SLIGHTLY milder!!! (but shoveling aack!)

  4. I am so glad that I bought or was given gifts of scarves and gloves through the years that I just love and never wear because I am in Florida right now.
    But then we just heard that Florida is going to be very very cold tonight so maybe my hats will come in handy again !
    I want to go back to NY .. :)

  5. My warm coat this winter has a hood, but I still like wearing the knitted hat my daughter made a couple years ago for me. We did have snow Christmas Eve and icy roads on Christmas day, but now it is dry and cold. However, it is not cold like I am seeing in the east. It hovers around freezing.

  6. Mary, this is a fun post! I, too, love to wear hats. Mine are mostly summer hats to keep the sun off my face, but I have some winter wool caps as well. I treated myself to a new one this year that Sundance Catalog offered. So cute, and it has offered a bit of style to my walk on these cold winter days we are having of late! Happy 2018!

  7. I have a crocheted hat my daughter made for me. It's a bit loose so it doesn't scrunch my hair too tightly, but it keeps my head and ears warm, and my hair from frizzing in the damp.
    Stay cozy and safe in the storm.


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