Sunday, January 7, 2018

How can you not care?

When an entire family of Mourning doves sits patiently on such a cold, frozen place, 
waiting in hopes of a meltdown and a drink soon, how can we not head into the garden
to give them some attention.

"How do you do, I'm a White-throated sparrow and I love to drink - can I wait with you please?"

These lovely gentle birds perked up when I opened the door ready with the
 tea kettle and warm water. They flew off but returned later to drink - unfortunately
 with these low temperatures the water re-freezes very fast.

Bob was up before me today and said the barometer was at 8F, our coldest
 morning yet. The record was broken at Raleigh-Durham International Airport where it
reported 4F! In this photo the temperature was already climbing. By the end of the
 coming week we will return to the 60's which will feel like a heatwave. . . . . much
more normal here in the south!

This Sunday you will find me close to home - this is just too cold to be outside for long.
I'm afraid my planned walking weather has been put on hold for now!


  1. I totally agree about the birds and water ... did you put warm water out for them ? as if it would stay wam lol. it is cold even here in Fl. I put out bread crumbs and a bowl of cat kibble for the little homeless cat ... which actually came on to the lanai so it got to sleep in a warm crate full of blankets.. in the garage where there was no wind and quiet and warm.

  2. Only 72 more days of winter Mary. Were that I able to spend winters somewhere warm. I'm off to feed the squirrels, bird and waterfowl right now. The lake out back is still frozen over. Woe is winter.

  3. We have been freezing here in Nashville TN too! I think it is all over...except Calif and Fla! My son reminded me the other day that it was 70, bright and beautiful when it was 21 here. Stay warm.

  4. Love these Mourning Doves Mary.

  5. Wish I had money for a heated birdbath! We also have had mourning doves and other birds come down looking for water! Guess what, we put some water out after the water had frozen but it froze again very quickly BUT it was only a thin layer, the mourning dove came down and pressed his/her breast upon the thin ice, and pushed forward and then, drank the water! It was a lovely thing to witness. WE love our birds!

  6. Freezing in Jacksonville Florida too :(

  7. Your bird photos are stunning, Mary. What kind of camera do you use? You are having some Chicago weather at 4 degrees! :-)

    1. Thanks Melanie - am using a point and shoot - the SONY CYBERSHOT - DSC-HX400V. I LOVE this camera so much - have given my heavy, bulky DSLR to my granddaughter, a budding photographer!
      Mary -

  8. Beautiful photos Mary! Birds bless us daily with their visits! We are very lucky! :)

  9. The mourning doves know you care! What lovely photos they posed for. Hope you thaw out later this week.

  10. Those are great pictures, Mary - and I agree, of course it was the right thing to do, go out and melt the water for them.
    Here, it is almost like spring; 10 Celsius yesterday and more or less the same today. But we've hardly seen the sun all of last week, and today is once again a dense grey. Just right for being cooped up in the office all day!

  11. Such beautiful birds Mary ... we must all help them in these extreme weather conditions.
    Keep warm. XXXX


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