Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Motivation. . . . . . . . . .

This morning:  I watched this sweet female Eastern bluebird searching the
 feeders for breakfast on yet another below freezing morning in the garden.
Her mate soon joined her, always delightful to see.
The sun is bright but the air bitter cold.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow, starting around 5:00 am which will cause
 early morning traffic havoc. Yellow school buses are likely to remain
in their parking lots, kids will don parkas and boots, fashion makeshift sleds,
 then search for a hill - which around here is usually no more than a slope.
Tonight will see a rush to the grocery stores to 'stock up' on bread,
milk, and perhaps wine and beer! Although the snowfall is expected to be light, 
and on Thursday it will warm up again and surely melt, people in the south get 
nervous at the thought of being snowbound without a stockpile of essentials. 
This is the roller coaster winter weather of the southeast states.

~ Female Eastern bluebird ~

While outside checking the firewood supply for tonight and tomorrow - we'll be
 staying close to home - filling bird feeders and melting icy bird baths, I also chased
 off five squirrels gobbling down seed and suet. This one refused to leave, playing
 'catch me if you can' on the tree branches - I gave up yelling and hand clapping
 allowing it to return to nibble for a while.

Oh, why the title of Motivation for today?

Last night I went to my first Tai Chi class!  
I roped in daughter, granddaughter, and two neighbors to join me.
 We had two hours of verbal instruction and learning the beginning
 position of this ancient Chinese exercise.
I'm planning to continue and hope the others will also. The group was
an interesting mix and the instructor pleasant. I've always wanted
to try this gentle, excellent way to get the body and mind moving.
I'm now having to admit that at this age 'gym rat' is not listed in my
 personal profile!  This way of exercising (although great for all age
 groups, and the younger you start the better) seems to be the way to go.
I need more balance and less stress so hopefully this will work for me.

Have you ever tried Tai Chi?

P.S. Don't forget, if you haven't entered my
 travel contest yet, do check yesterday's post.
  Many of you have already submitted some awesome guesses. 
There will be a little prize later for the winner when
 I return from the trip! 


  1. The classes sound very interesting, Mary. It's always good to have others along side of you to keep you moving forward.

    It's frigid here in Michigan, 7 degrees right now, and the sun is shining as well. I do plan ahead when bad weather is on the way because I only have country roads to get me to town and when it snows, the roads get icy. In the city we have enough traffic to keep the streets clear, if not slushy.

    Stay warm!


  2. We have a winter weather advisory starting tonight and lasting through noon tomorrow. Stay safe!! I have not tried tai chi, but have thought about it. I need to check if they have classes around here.

  3. What dear little blue birds, and I am missing the cute squirrels already since I came home. Enjoy your dusting of snow, it will make everything pretty. Have considered tai chi, but never tried it. Will be interested to hear more about it.

  4. Never tried Tai Chi myself but some of my friends do it regularly and love it.
    Great pictures, as always!

  5. Tai Chi is suppose to be good weight bearing exercise too. I have tried it, just haven't stuck with it. Hope you didn't get too much snow, but from the look of things on the news it sounds like your area is brrrrry cold and icy.

  6. Ooh, which granddaughter did you take with you? Good for you three. We have a friend, about 25 years older who does a free tai chi at some Lutheran church once a week and loves it. She can’t get her retired doctor hubs to go but he admits it definitely helps here for all the reasons you noted above. WEll done!
    No, not done Tai chi but I did do Kung Fu (“Sam Tu Dang” variety) for a a few years with my best friend. Trouble was, I was the only white guy there and experienced a lot of reverse racism from the girls, no less! They were tough, let me tell you!! Lol


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