Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday morning sunshine and 10 degrees. . . . . . . .

This IS the South. . . . . . . . .and yes, I know, not as cold as other areas right
 now, however this ongoing deep freeze in what is usually a more temperate
 climate, even in mid-winter, is very hard on our wildlife. . . . . . . us too as 
our heating system is struggling, and awaking to a chilly house is very unusual.

New bird photos taken yesterday and this morning as, despite still icy patches
 from the little snow fall two nights ago, the temperature has not risen above 
freezing yet and the birds really need help with food and water.

-  Female Eastern bluebird -

- Male Red-bellied woodpecker -

- Tufted titmouse -

- White-throated sparrow -

- Northern mockingbird -

- Female Northern cardinal -

Today I went into the back garden early to put out fresh suet and seed.
 I can honestly say it was perhaps the coldest air I've felt in many years - probably
 since I lived in New England. I braved Antarctica and never felt cold like that - but of
 course was dressed more sensibly.  This morning pj's,a fleece robe, no socks or
 gloves certainly didn't work - but I just wanted to get out there when I saw the birds
 waiting for breakfast!
A little later Bob, still in his robe, started heating the kettle and was soon outside
 de-icing the birdbaths.
This young-looking woodpecker came immediately to drink.
White ice is still coating our cul-de-sac - hopefully today's sunshine will 
continue the melting. . . . . . however tonight will be our coldest yet, dropping
 to 8F (-13C).
Tomorrow morning I'll plan to don my Canada Goose parka saved from the 
Antarctic expedition to attend to my birds. I believe I'll need it!

Thank you so much for your very kind and generous comments on my post yesterday.
My heart is so sad over losing these friends across the pond.


  1. Thank you for looking after the birds.

  2. Take care and keep warm. I have been thinking of you and all that are having such frigid weather. You are a good caretaker of your birds too.

  3. Kent goes out and picks up our newspaper in his robe :-). Great bird shots. Stay warm!

  4. Dear Mary, I love your beautiful birds.

  5. I don't ever remember the south being so cold when I was growing up and yet my mom and brother had 6 inches of snow in Mississippi. It's so hard to believe that such tiny little birds can manage such frigid weather. Warm wishes, Tammy


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