Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snowfall brought the Northern mockingbird . . . . . . . . . .

Out of the blue, and white, the Northern mockingbird arrived on the front porch 
 at breakfast today.
He stayed for a long time, more just resting than eating, but long enough
 for me to take lots of photos through the dining room window. 
Thank you sweet bird for not flying away for a long time.
This is the bird who looks so sleek until it perches and fluffs up its feathers.
It is really handsome/pretty - male and female are identical. 
I love having it in the garden.

Such a beautiful morning - snow and sunshine!
Our snowfall of yesterday brought 7" between 9 am and 6 pm.
It just kept falling into the evening dusk, bringing such quiet beauty 
to everything it touched.
Today, we continue to be housebound due to hazardous driving conditions. 
Areas around us had up to a foot of snow, but this is not a problem - in
fact I'm loving it. As it will re-freeze tonight I will probably be here for 
several days. Remember, this is the south, we're not well equipped
for snow removal!


  1. Gosh! you really do have a load of snow Mary - I imagine that it is just as unusual for you to have so much snow as our brief heavy snowfall was just before Christmas.
    The Northern Mockingbird really is a sweet little fellow and you have caught him/her so beautifully. Love the white lashes surrounding the eyes.

    1. Rosemary, they are quite lovely birds and appear much different when fluffed out in the cold. Thanks again for help in identifying the one I noticed earlier, just looked so different from the bird book illustrations/photos where it's always shown much sleeker, long and skinny-looking - kinda how I wish I looked!!!!

  2. The word is out Mary. Your feathered friends are being served a cornucopia of delights. No wonder they come from far and wide. And you are a Dear to treat them so well.

    1. . . . . . . as you are dear to help your lovely ducks, geese, birds etc. way out there in your beautiful Utah. Wondering when your snow will arrive.

  3. That’s a lot of snow for anybody! The mockingbird photos are wonderful...he does look a bit annoyed perhaps by the snow.

    1. I notice when you catch a frontal shot of a bird they almost always seem to be frowning, haha!
      He/she is such a bonnie bird Vee, and stays up to 5 mins. on the rail.

  4. What a sweet bird, and such beautiful photos. Goodness you have had quite the big snowfall, very festive and pretty.

    1. Well nothing like you recently experienced in Quebec Patricia - but 7 " is a lot for these parts!
      Glad you like the pix - I was very pleased to get these come-ups of such a sweet mockingbird.
      Happy to know you're home safely.

  5. That bird is so gorgeous Mary! How lucky you were to take photos of him!!! Stay warm and safe!! xx

  6. Oh, the feathery detail in those photos is gorgeous. Stay warm.

  7. What a handsome chap he is, your close up photographs are amazing, having a visitor like this must make being snowed in worthwhile.

  8. I know, sounding like a broken record here but these photos are absolutely stunning, Mary! Wow.


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