Sunday, April 22, 2018

Now there are four. . . . . garden looking good!

Mama finch was busy again yesterday afternoon. In fact, get this, I 
think I saw her actually laying her egg!  She didn't fly out when I looked
out the window like she usually does, and she had her beak open
 as if straining! There were still just three eggs in the late
 morning but when I looked after watching her, there were four!
The little nest is certainly getting crowded.
How she will manage to sit on so many eggs is a mystery, plus she's
extremely skittish, flying off each time we open the front door and
even when we just walk past the dining room window.

The finch nest is in the hanging fern closest to the porch steps.

We had quite a busy garden morning yesterday, chatting with passing neighbors
enjoying the lovely day, checking on the new shrubs planted Friday, adding more
 mulch, watering plants. . . . . .

. . . . . . . and washing off our pollen-covered cars - sitting in the road here while Bob 
was cleaning off the driveway.
Note the vining plants were removed from the arbor when the cottage 
was re-sided/painted late last summer, hopefully they'll show some 
new growth soon.

I cleaned out the gazebo (it will need a heavier clean once the pollen
 has ended come early May) and washed all the cushions so we can sit 
out there during these lovely mild, sunny weekend days. We plan to
spread new, fresh-looking cypress chips around the flagstones as we 
skipped that chore last year with so many other outdoor repair jobs being 
done to cottage and gazebo.

Rain expected in the coming week so may not be doing much in the garden -
so then I'll get back to work on posts from our Patagonian expedition!

Hope your weather is allowing outdoor activities this weekend.


  1. OK, seriously in love with these updates. And, my car is also covered in pollen. I'm smiling.

  2. How fun watching those eggs multiply! Your home and garden look wonderful Mary.

  3. Your house and garden are lovely.You must do a lot of work in your garden to have it looking so pretty. We only have a small stretch of soil and I do my best but don't know much about gardening and the long Mediterranean summers are pretty harsh.

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  5. This week we are suppose to hit in the 80's for a couple days. The pollen is heavy too. We washed our car and it immediately started collecting a new layer of pollen. Your garden is so very beautiful, love the azaleas and seeing the bird eggs. I hope she hangs around to hatch them. Happy springtime to you and Bob.


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