Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hair and Summer travel. . . . . . . . .


I'm in the mood - on a search - for a new Summer hat.

I'm growing my hair longer and it's a painful process! It's seems to be
 taking forever to get to a manageable length, plus, for the first time in
 my life, after years of stick straight hair, it's going wavy. 
I've been having the tiniest trim bi-monthly to keep the ends blunt
and healthy. I just don't want to look like an old woman who's not 
caring for her hair.

Why on earth would someone of my advanced age even want
longer hair you ask. It's usually the time when we women are 
expected to have a short, easy wash 'n go style.  Well you
may recall I tried that a few years back, not me at all, and 
in fact I had to fiddle with that style even more than my 
ear-length classic bob which I've had forever!

This time it's more a question of holding onto the hair I have remaining - removal
of my thyroid 2 years ago, now being on permanent thyroid medication, and a 
scalp condition, have all brought about hair loss. . . . . . . and this makes me sad
as I always had a thick head of hair.
Currently I no longer wash and blow dry daily to hopefully keep hair loss at a
minimum. Last year I decided to grow my hair to a length where hopefully
 I can at least tie it back on hot summer days and not have to worry about styling
it with products and more heat.
I don't think I'm anywhere near a ponytail yet, however I've come this far 
so will keep going a while longer. . . . . . . . unless I have a hissy fit one morning,
jump in the car and go get it cut off again!


Fortunately I do LOVE hats and have many.
But I'm looking for another after seeing these two - I really love
them - and am heading out to H&M and Anthro later today to see if 
by chance they're in stock in my local stores. 

Love this outfit but it would be even better, and safer, with a
beautiful hat to ward off the rays!

We'll be off on the road this Summer doing what we 
promised ourselves, more USA travel to places in this
beautiful country.  We've visited all 50 states however 
there are plenty of places in those states we would love 
to see again, and some new areas where we've yet 
to leave a gentle footprint.

The way we used to fly off into the wild blue yonder!

So dear readers, any hair length stories to share - long, short, in between?
How about turning grey or coloring - or shall we leave that part for 
another post?

Are you traveling, flying this Summer?
Do you plan ahead diligently like my hubby - who should find a second career
 as a travel agent - or just 'fly by the seat of your pants' (read the history of this phrase)!


  1. Dear Mary - I have been growing my hair too, but just had it cut this afternoon as I felt as if I was beginning to look like a witch. I have not had it cut really short, but just taken off a couple of inches. I do not colour my hair, but sadly my thick head of hair is also very much thinner now.

    1. I doubt you could ever look 'witchy' dear Rosemary! Hope you're happy with the new cut.

  2. Mary, as you know I have had loss of hair since I was about 13. It is a hard thing to handle. But better loss of hair than some deadly disease.... I hope your travels this summer or fall take you this way. We would love to see the both of you.

    1. You are so right there Penny regarding illness, and your short hair style is perfectly lovely on you.
      Yes, we'll try to make the mountains sometime this year - we've missed seeing you guys and of course want a tour of your gorgeous new house!

  3. If you suffer of hair loss, long hair is not a good idea, at any age.(My hair is at neck length).Hats are a blessed addition. I like them, and in summer, where I live they're a Must. They're also useful when, for some reason, our hair is not manageable or we didn't have time to wash it.

    1. Hi Duta - I'm definitely not striving for really long hair, just to the top of my shoulders perhaps so I can pull it back in a low pony tail or a knot and get it away my face in our hot/humid Summers here. Hats help in many situations but of course even they can be hot at times too!

  4. Dear Mary, let your hair grow. It's much easier and less time consuming to take care of. And when looking for a hat, make sure it's a true Panama and has a wide rim. They are feather light and always cool.

    1. I know you have beautiful hair Gina - I'll keep trying for a longer length, it's just so slow though and I'm impatient!
      Yes, genuine Panama hats are wonderful - I should really invest in one of those too.
      Hope all is well - I'll be in touch soon XX

    2. Dear Mary, I wish I had beautiful hair, but I don't. And it is getting thinner as I get older. A good brushing every day is my answer to hair loss.

  5. I grew my hair out to just above shoulder length a couple of years ago and I love it. I can tie it back, if needed, although I rarely do. More hats is a wish for my wardrobe, too. When I turned 60 a year and a half ago, I decided to stop colouring my hair. I'm so glad I did, although the growing out was a little uncomfortable. There is just a bit of colour left in some spots and by the time I have another haircut or two, it will be all natural.

    Will your USA travels bring you out west? And perhaps across the border?

  6. Hats are a great idea, especially in our beastly summers. I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss. My hair has always been thin so I know well the challenges it presents. I keep mine just long enough to be able to clip it up when on the boat so it isn't flying all over the place. Last summer I bought several of those "banana" clips which were great to keep it in place and made for a fairly pulled together look. Also great on those hot humid days to feel cooler.

  7. I have thin fine hair - envy those with thick hair. For me I would have to either have it REALLY short or the option I choose - really long. In between leaves me with my scalp exposed no matter how I part it so I have it long and pull it up to a gentle elastic and go from there. I have found lots of things to do at that point - a loose braid at the moment, sometimes a lower poof, sometimes a lower pony tail with a ribbon, sometimes two poofs. I don't have to fuss with it during the day and now I only have to wash it once a week. It is less bother and easier to manage than when it is shorter. And I like my multi-color nature shade - some women pay big money for what I have! I also wanted to avoid what I see on lots of older women - a big flat spot at the back where they slept on it and didn't notice.

  8. My hair has naturally thinned as I'm getting "older", but I still thankfully have lots of it. I prefer to keep my hair a little shorter (chin length) as it's very thin, so if it gets longer it looks very straggly. My mother, who is 78, has hair loss on her scalp and so she has grown her hair longer, too. It hits between her chin and shoulders. Truthfully, I don't like it. I think it's aging. But, each to their own. I do get my hair colored. I am not ready to go gray yet!

  9. Hi Mary :) Gosh, I'm sorry about the hair loss...actually lately I've seen more strands in the shower than I want to. I switched to a boar hair bristle brush and it's helping a lot, less harsh than a regular brush. My hair is wavy too, but it doesn't look nice that way, it does look unkept and I hate it! I use a hair dryer every other day, but we will be switching to more natural products for our hair as soon as we're done with the stuff we have. I'm a hat gal too! :) I'm currently thinking of a nice floppy garden hat, I'll have to look for one next time I'm out shopping!

  10. Mary, come visit me so I can see your new hairstyle :)
    Miss you and Bob! Hope you have fun travel plans for the summer

  11. I've let my hair grow to about chin length, a little longer than I wore it for years. I have trouble buying hats though, all the 'one size fits most' are too big for me. For wearing when I mow the yard I went with a man's straw hat that comes in sizes and even then the smallest size is almost too big. Children's hats are too small though. Always something. And no, I don't color my hair, have some gray.

  12. Hi Mary,
    Well, I have had long, straight hair all of my life and I have no intention of cutting it short !!! I just wash mine, blow dry in five minutes and I'm done. I couldn't have layers and have to spend hours on it ! I think it's a myth about not having long hair when you get older .... as long as it's cut regularly and looked after it's fine. You are at the awkward stage between lengths and it's then that a lot of people get fed up and get it cut ..... persevere dear Mary and you'll get there ! XXXX

  13. I love that first hat alot. Hats actually work better with longer hair I think. No big trips planned this year, but in another month we will do a little road trip to Spokane, WA, which is planned. Then when we leave Spokane we will fly by the seat of our pants. I have the map ready and some ideas, but no reservations or definite plans. I don't usually travel like that; so we will see how it goes.

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