Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . Pajamas

PAJAMAS, PYJAMAS, PJ's, JAMMIES - call them what you will, they are always 
the most comfortable clothing we can wear. . . . . . .aren't they?

Kids pajamas are always a favorite - perhaps because we get used to them
 from birth, through toddler years, sleepovers with childhood friends, and
 teen hang out wear. 
Then come the so-called Golden Years and I'm telling you, from personal experience, 
nothing beats a soft and cuddly pair of flannel pajamas on a chilly night! 

Join us HERE for SCRIBBLE PICNIC at Michael's today - especially if you
 have a fun pajama story and a sketch to share.


  1. Oh my little grandson Tristan would love a size or so bigger!! Very nicely done.

  2. This is adorable Mary, I love it!

  3. I do love to be comfy when around the house Mary ..... and, our grandchildren would wear them to school if they could !!! XXXX

  4. Cute pj's!! :) You are so right...but these days I opt for the even cozier polar fleece pj's...oooh they are wonderful on a cold morning!!! :)

  5. You have that right, Mary, but to be honest, I wish the cozy flannel PJ time was over, I have had enough of winter. Your PJ's are adorable and I'll bet the little one who fits in them is equally as adorable. Fun stuff :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Such cute onesies! Here in sub-tropical South East Queensland our winters seem to be getting shorter and not as cold as they used to be. I do remember enjoying the flannel PJs some years back though. I ADORE flannel sheets on my bed all year round as they're so soft and cosy!

  7. Oh those are so cute. My DIL loves shark week and I could see her buying these for our grandson no problem. You're right, there's nothing like curling up in your comfy pajamas.

  8. Cute pajamas! My grandkids have such fun ones these days, and are always so snuggly in them.

  9. Such cute little pajamas. I can envision a little one snuggled up in these. Flannel pajamas are lovely, in their place, which is at home, not the shopping mall or school hallways!

  10. Um, Mary, nothing beats that for snuggling up to with Bob or to wear yourself? :D

    I love your lil piece as it reminds me of how much I loved it when my kids were little and they would wear their onesies around all day. So sweet. For my part, I wish I had a proper set of pjs but they see hard to come by so I have a tshirt and pj bottoms which last until summer hits! :)

    Great job. These particular pj's are so darling.


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