Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tulip time almost over. . . . . . . .

I almost had my next travel post ready to post when something messed up 
with Blogger and I lost half of what I'd written, grrrrr!
So instead, today, you get these, photos I took yesterday of the 
fast fading parrot tulips from the garden.
I was thrilled that they were just opening when we arrived home from the trip.
I really expected them to be long gone but I think the cooler weather of March
kept them sleeping a little longer.

Even now they still are quite beautiful, their curled petals silk-like, the colors muted but 
still perfect. I now have Darwin tulips opening, lovely but not as stunning as these
have been.

Do you grow tulips?


  1. Your tulips are still pretty even as they fade. Do you think they waited for you to return from your trip? I do not grow tulips since they don't get the chill factor that they need where I live in California.

  2. Beautiful colors. I planted some tulips a few weeks ago. Hopefully they will bloom. And if not, hopefully they will next year.

  3. Hi Mary, Your tulip shots are sensational. I love "old" tulips. Yes, I grow tulips. Mostly Rembrandt tulips. Mine are barely poking their heads through the earth.

  4. We have a few tulips in bloom right now, but nothing as beautiful as these tulips. We plant them, but they don't continue to come up for more than a year or two.

  5. What beautiful tulips Mary, and such pretty colors. I've tried twice to grow tulips but they don't seem to care for my best efforts.

  6. Such rich colours and textures in your fading tulips. They look like crumpled pieces of silk. Tulips are forming buds here, but not blooming yet. And I think some of those I planted last fall have been food for squirrels over the winter. Grrr.


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