Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scribble Picnic - Quilts

Photo of quilt edited to a sketch - watercolor pencils
 for a little color.

I think the only item I've never made which required needle skills,
has to be a quilt!
I do love quilts and admire the beautiful ones designed and sewn by
quilters from around the world. . . . . . .but somehow I never had the 
time to take up quilting along with all the other dressmaking, sewing, 
knitting, embroidering, cross stitching etc. which I've done since a young
girl. I no longer do much sewing due to changes in my eye sight limiting 
 close up work. . . . . .plus my old Singer needs maintenance. 
I do knit, mostly evenings whilst watching a TV series or a movie. I feel
 better knowing I'm still creating something rather than just being glued to a
 screen for hours. I knit just simple items which don't require fancy patterns.

My favorite small quilt, the size of a throw, is one I bought several years ago
when I was doing a makeover in this guest bedroom and going for
a French country look. It's just two shades of cream and beige - nice with
the linens and vintage heavy linen bolster and pillow covers I brought back
from Provençe.

The toile fabric, even though machine quilted, is a nice addition on a cool night.

Glad Michael is back again and we can get together for 
Scribble Picnic this week.

Head over to see what the group has come up with - we 
may even have some talented Scribble Picnic quilters sharing their 
personal handiwork! 


  1. Gosh what a gorgeous quilt, as is your piece Mary! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your toile quilt is lovely. I very much like its muted colors.

    Quilting fascinates me. My attention span, failing eyesight, and lack of skills prevent me from tackling a full-size quilt, but I have enjoyed making table toppers, snack mats, and pot holders. Not quite the same.

  3. Beautiful. Mary you won't believe it, but nowadays, you can hardly give quilts away. I guess the millennials don't like them or something. They used to be so expensive too. Times change I guess. I love textiles, but never know what to do with them.

  4. Well, you certainly accomplished your French Country look ... the quilt is beautiful. My eyes are working on limiting my close work as well. Hopefully they will never interfere with being able to draw. Your quilt has a green look to it ... maybe by suggestion as it is plant life. Beautifully done, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. That is a beautiful quilt, I love the design and the colour! That is something I haven't ventured into yet either, quilt-making...but it's on the wish list!! :)

  6. Your French-themed quilt is beautiful and the colours would match just about any colour scheme. Love it! I have only ever made one quilt and that was a baby quilt for my first Grandchild's cot. I sewed it by machine, not the intricate ones that are hand-sewn, but I was very proud of myself nonetheless. hehe I have crocheted lots of blankets and throws over the years and still enjoy it while watching TV.

    Have a lovely week, Mary.

  7. Lovely quilt! So romantic and timeless. Mary, did you know that I used to collect children's crib quilts? Smaller and easier to handle, display and keep. Cheers

  8. I love that quilt. It is so dignified and lovely. Wonderful selection, Mary. Thank you. Love seein git in its surrounding too. Definitely get that French country feel too. Beautiful.

    "Somehow I never had the time to take up quilting along with all the other dressmaking, sewing,
    knitting, embroidering, cross stitching etc. which I've done since a young girl"
    -I'd suggest your "Somehow" is well answered by the list that follows, takign up your cloth making time instead! :)

    Another fab entry. I do so love your write up, Mary.

    BTw, I still need to visit all your various posts. Woudl ahve done it on the plane but the one direciton I paid for internet, it was so slow, it was quite useless. I had actually bought it to peruse your recent trip posts but was not to be. I will make time some other time instead then. Thank you.


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