Monday, May 14, 2018

History of a home continues. . . . . . .

A house is a collection of objects, but a home is a collection of stories.
Favorite pieces often come to us with a history.

Antique, hand stitched  table linen from Carcassonne, France

I'm ready to get some serious Spring cleaning underway as my role of 'Nurse Grandma'
 (Jasmin returned home and is doing well and should be driving/working by mid-week)
 is over - many thanks again for your get-well wishes, she read them all.

During the' nursing' period, while Jasmin recuperated from her Appendectomy
 surgery, I was also a landscaper.  Bob and I moved, and spread, 10 cubic yards
 (imagine a small Mt. Everest arising from the driveway) of cypress wood chips
 around the back garden for water and weed control, clean walking areas etc.
 I recall when we could do it in a day, this time it took most of the weekend in
 such intense heat! Aching backs and hips, but we survived, finishing up  
yesterday afternoon after brunch.

 I was actually the impromptu Mother's Day Brunch 'chef' - I'm a glutton for
 punishment, right?  Served in the gazebo despite temperatures reaching
 the high 90's by early afternoon. It was so much nicer in many ways -
 requiring no standing outside in a restaurant line in the raging heat, fighting
crowds at buffets, or being served perhaps not such great food, and at those
 huge prices they charge on such family occasions.

A French pear and blueberry Gateau de Mamy - Mother's Day dessert - whipped up
Sunday morning. . . . . . . . 

. . . . . after fresh fruit smoothies, Muesli with strawberries, warm croissants
 with scrambled local farm eggs and Manchego cheese, hot coffee, and
 of course a chilled, very chilled, rosé from Provence with dessert.

I'm hoping your weekend was lovely whether you were part of the 
Sunday's celebration as a mother, or enjoying time with, or memories
of, your own dear mother.


  1. Kent and I have been moving mulch etc too and it takes us a lot longer than it use too! Glad to hear the Jasmin is recovering! Can you share the recipe for that beautiful dessert?

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely, but oh my that is alot of work in the garden. We need to do it too, but thinking we will hire someone to help us out. It is getting to be too much for my "live-in gardener".

  3. That work in the heat would have sent me to the ER. That dessert is the most beautiful dessert I believe I have ever seen.

  4. IT sounds like a busy weekend. I love the look of your beautiful tart and agree whole heartily about your comment about homes. I love to visit houses that are a collection of a life well lived.

  5. Hello Mary, Is it possible to get the recipe for your beautiful Mother's Day pear and
    blueberry gateau? It is gorgeous and I'm sure as delicious as it is beautiful!

  6. Wow Mary, that cake looks so professional. I am 100% sure that your brunch tasted much better than any restaurant food. I tend to stay away from restaurants on special occasions as I am sure not all the food will be freshly prepared.

  7. That is an absolutely glorious dessert!

  8. Lovely food, both in words and pictures! My Sunday was nice, too, but very different, as is described on my blog.
    Glad to know your granddaughter is much better and will soon be back to normal - no doubt also thanks to your good care!

  9. I give you a lot of credit for doing all that yard work, especially in such intense heat! Your brunch sounded wonderful. That dessert looks too beautiful to eat!

  10. So glad to hear that Jasmine is recovering well, thanks to your care. Gardening in such heat is difficult at any age! I'm sure it's all looking very beautiful in your garden. What a beautiful dessert you created. The pansies on top are the perfect finishing touch! We enjoyed a low-key supper on the lawn at our son's place for the day. Gorgeous weather just now.
    Have a good mid-week!


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