Saturday, May 19, 2018

'Down East' North Carolina. . . . . .

We're visiting friends in New Bern this weekend and despite wet weather it's 
very lovely, green, clean, and the drive down through North Carolina's 
countryside was glorious.

A little springtime romance going on between a pair of Laughing Gulls
 at our riverside hotel.

The 'Proud Mary' sailing by.

Well duckie apparently read the NO DIVING sign and carefully entered the pool
 via the steps!

Did you watch the royal wedding?
I've just seen a bit and loved viewing Windsor in the brilliant 
sunshine - it was my mother's home as a child when my 
grandfather was in the Coldstream Guards at the castle.

Off to Morehead City and Atlantic Beach this morning.


  1. I love that your grandfather was in the Coldstream Guards at the castle. Did your mom live on the castle grounds or nearby? It is cute to see the smart little duck.

    1. They lived nearby but my mother and her four siblings (2 sets of twins and another - grandma had 5 children in 4 years!), often were allowed to play in the castle grounds - supervised I’m sure!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Mary -

  2. Windsor is so pretty. I did a small write-up about it on the blog. We visited in 2014 and I had never written about it. It looked glorious yesterday. Everything was so perfect. I just love the way the British do things like that, and when you combine all the tradition and history it makes for a show-stopper.

  3. Happy travels! Yes, I hadn't planned to watch the wedding, but when I awoke very early the wedding had just begun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. I loved reading about your connection to Windsor. There are so many wonderful places to visit in the UK, full of history and charming settings.
    The Laughing Gulls are beautifully coloured. We don't have them here in the west.

  5. Beautiful pictures of birdlife, Mary, and I love the duck in the pool. The royal wedding was quite wonderful I thought, and I did take quite an interest in seeing Windsor in this way, never having visited. I was fascinated at how close the village seems to be to that enormous castle. No wonder the Queen likes to call it home!


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