Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Foreign postage and friends. . . . . . .

When Loree won my little travel guessing game earlier this year, I found her
 some small mementoes from South America. . . . . . .and mailed them
 off to her home on the amazing island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.

Yesterday, tucked in with our usual bills, special offers, ads, post cards from
people who want to buy our house, and numerous cruise/travel brochures etc.,
was a pale blue envelope with this delightful 'Summer' scene Malta stamp.

Although no longer the avid stamp collector I was in childhood, I continue to
 keep beautiful stamps, cutting them from envelopes and storing them in a box.
This now old fashioned means of personal communication, a hand
 written envelope with a post mark and a delightful stamp, may be coming
obsolete. . . . . . . . but for me they are gifts I cherish.

Loree's beautiful thank you card is perfect too, the type of card one doesn't want
 to hide away but rather buy a little frame for and hang on the wall, or stand on the
 dresser forever.
This is such a perfect card for me, the color blue and dainty white roses.
Thanks so much for the sweet thank you notecard.
Visit Loree here in Malta at Sincerely, Loree


  1. Hi Mary, that's a quaint postage stamp and the card is truly one you want to display forever. I love receiving cards and gifts in the post and was spoiled this last Christmas with a gift and Christmas card from my dear friend, Penny in Canada. Have a great day.

  2. I used to collect stamps too Mary and still occasionally keep a few.

  3. It truly is one of the nicest surprises these days to find "proper" mail from friends in one's mail box, isn't it! Some of my blogging friends I will most likely never personally meet, but we exchange old-fashioned cards, letters and parcels every now and then; never expected, always loved.

  4. It's so sweet of you to share my card. I am glad you liked it. I am behind with thanking you for the pretty gifts you sent me. But I am on it.
    I read your comment and I know other people have mentioned that they are not getting my posts. I don't know how to fix it. Other people with blogs seem to be experiencing the same problem. But if you're a member, you can also sign up to my blog on Bloglovin'.

  5. Que lindo. Tenha um feliz dia.

  6. I can see why you save these beautiful cards and stamps. The handwritten note has declined so sadly, and they are absolute keepsakes in many ways. I always appreciate your cards and good wishes!

    Did I read something wrong? Are you selling your home?


    1. Jane, no, not leaving any time soon! Our neighborhood is currently a 'hot spot' for buyers due to all the changes in the nearby commercial area, office buildings, apts., shops, restaurants, hotels etc. Lots of younger people want to move here - especially if they work near here - and people with children like our school district. Builders are buying up a lot of the small neighborhood houses as many are on 1/2 acre lots, they tear them down and are building huge $800,000 plus houses!!!! Almost daily we get a card in the mail offering to buy our little cottage - for cash, as is, no waiting etc.etc.

      Hope you are coming along well by now dear - I'm sorry you had to have surgery, no fun I'm sure. Any chance you will make it to the mountains this Fall? We will try to get there sometime in Oct./Nov.
      Love from us both.


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