Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This is May?

Subtropical storm Alberto pushing north disrupted outdoor Memorial Day plans for
 many in the south and southeast US yesterday. It continues on its way bringing
 rain and dreary conditions here in our area with the possibility of more flash flooding
 when the rain bands intensify. . . . . . . all one can do is wait, hope and pray all
will improve as the week moves on.

Our fig tree doesn't seem to mind the rain. . . . . . . . . 

. . . . . neither do the nibbling rabbits!

Blooming now: roses, gardenia (newly planted and doing well), 
favorite blue hydrangeas, and the row of leaves along the brick wall are
 my beloved sunflowers growing from the seeds I saved from last year's 
huge flower heads (I'm hoping they will be as beautiful this summer).

Already have a bird nesting in the new birdhouse - a bluebird I think -
there are twigs sticking out of one of the entrances!

Stay safe all dear friends in the path of the storm - brighter days
are ahead.


  1. May it head out quickly and lose strength by the minute. Looks as if your garden is taking it well.

  2. Lovely rainy photos. We are under a flash flood warning right now until 5:45 PM. It is suppose to rain for the next 3 days. I am ready for some sunshine!

  3. We saw some of the damage on the news tonight. I hope it eases soon. Your fig tree is magnificent, and I love your blue hydrangeas. Ours have a few weeks to go before blooming.

  4. We've had severe thunderstorms with hail damage and flash floods in their wake here in Germany; not in my area, thankfully, but in O.K.'s village the fire men had to come to the rescue with their pumps at a few houses, and his tiny front garden was completely covered in pea-sized hail stones.
    Hydrangea have not started to flower yet, but I am sure it will happen soon - everything is happening weeks earlier this year, due to the unusually warm and dry month we've been having.


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