Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let's move!

It's a fixer-upper of course. . . . . . . . and someone with deep pockets will
 hopefully come along and turn this country house into a home once again.
It's actually on the main street of a small North Carolina town, surrounded by
smart, well cared for homes. It's sad to see this one unloved.

Driving back from the coast on Sunday afternoon was lovely - everywhere 
green and fresh after heavy rains. The fields were plowed, bright green
 cornstalks were already about a foot high.

Speaking of heavy rains - we were hit by such an intense electrical storm
last evening that serious flash flooding occurred in Raleigh. Here in the 
garden we've got a lot of clean up awaiting when it dries up - especially 
re-spreading all those cypress wood chips we spent an entire weekend
of back breaking work on in such hot weather!  Some have even ended
up in the street after being washed down the driveway in the river of water -
it was quite frightening.
Bob is heading out now to check under the cottage for any water - we
are said to have received up to 5 inches of rain in about half an hour!
Our fear now is although today is lovely, dry and sunny, more storms and
 rain are in the forecast for this week.


  1. What a beautiful house. It will make someone a perfect home.

  2. Yes, I always dream of rescuing old deserted houses when I see them and this is a good one. Take care with the rain. Whew! That is a lot in such a short time.

  3. I love that house! If I had the money I would love fixing it up! We had heavy rains through Friday last week and I26 was closed because it was 3 feet under water near Tryon, which is just down the road from me. One woman passed away after her house was hit with mud slides. Water can be very dangerous. Stay safe!

  4. That's a beautiful house. I have dreams of fixing up an old house, but they will likely stay just dreams. Deep pockets, for sure! I hope the rain and floods end quickly, without too much damage.

  5. I heard about the flash flooding on the news. So scary! A shame that house has been left abandoned. Looks like it was a lovely one at some point in time. Wonder what happened to leave it like that.

  6. Glad nothing worse happened to your home during that storm, but having to do all that work AGAIN must be annoying!
    That house is wonderful. I'd love to buy it and renovate it - if it were somewhere around here AND I had the money AND the time...!

  7. Someone will make that house beautiful once again! Sorry to hear about your flash flood. We just had a lot of rain the past few days and the creeks, lakes and low-lying areas are all flooded. The sun is out today, but more rain is forecasted for this weekend.


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