Friday, May 4, 2018

Nature's extraordinary world. . . . . . .

. . . . . I'm sharing the Peace rose again. 
This morning she is full blown, glowing, and even more gorgeous!
More buds are also opening.
Little bees have been buzzing around her. . . . . . . . 

. . . . . . and the terra cotta cherub family is almost smiling.
It's so hot here - already 82F and heading up to 87F by late afternoon. 
Phew, much too hot for me, and others.

Perhaps the mama House finch whose nest is up above the roses in the
 hanging Boston fern is truly feeling the heat! Yes, she's a real mama now
as her first tiny baby hatched this morning.

One new little life - hopefully there will be three more soon.

I'll be watching the nest closely, but carefully, over the weekend. . . . . 
and hoping no predators show up on the front porch of course.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.

Update: Saturday morning 7:30 AM

We now have triplets!


  1. The yellow rose is breath-taking!

  2. Oh do you get those photos??? I mean of the nest? Thank you for sharing such beauty, and I do love that you're posting photos of your flowers, that rose is beautiful. The cherubs are definitely happy :)

    1. Rain, I balance on a step stool, hold the camera over the nest and shoot several times in hopes of catching something!!!!
      Of course I have to wait until mama finch flies out - which she does every time we open the front door or walk by the dining room window - she's very nervous. Then she sits in the fig tree and waits for the all clear. I do hope the other 3 eggs hatch - it will be lovely to watch 4 babies for a couple of weeks until they fledge.
      Mary -

  3. Your rose is beautiful! Sweet little baby bird!

  4. Patricia from CanadaMay 4, 2018 at 9:01 PM

    Beautiful rose Mary,

  5. Oh the sweet innocence of baby birds!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful rose. The rumor in my neighborhood is that the dreaded Rose Rosette disease is running rampant. Apparently it even strikes the knockout variety. I will be carefully inspecting all of my plants this weekend. I will be heartbroken if they have been infected.
    Welcome to the world sweet little birdie. You have captured wonderful newborn photos and I hope you continue to share the rest of the little family.

  7. I have been reading, but having trouble getting a comment to hold. Your Peace roses are gorgeous and your new baby isn’t. He’ll get cuter, though!

  8. Nature in all it's beauty, but those temperatures are too hot for May. Take care, dear one, and stay hydrated. Love always the Peace Rose.

  9. So exciting to see those three little baby birds. They aren't very cute, yet, but soon will be. Your roses is a stunner. I hope your weekend break is going well. Such heat!

  10. Sorry - your rose is a stunner - saw the error just as I pushed publish...

  11. Congratulations on the triplets! And the rose is fantastic - I can almost smell it.

  12. Oh how precious the little birds are. Your rose is stunning.

  13. Finches are such lovely birds. Glad you have some new ones to enjoy. The rose is stunning. I’ll miss the beauty of my previous garden, but not all the work. 😋

  14. That full-blown rose is gorgeous. I can't wait until the buds on my rose bushes burst open.


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