Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Scribble Picnic - Picket Fence

Some of you may remember what little girls were once told.
 You will grow up, meet a handsome prince, get married, 
and live happily ever after in a cottage with a white
 picket fence. . . . . . . and so on, haha!!!!!!!

Well I guess in a way I DID just that!
I feel blessed that I did find my handsome Prince Charming and
for many, many years, we've enjoyed our little cottage with the arbor
 and white picket fence. . . . .  .shown here in my edited photo with
 a touch of watercolor.

Pop over to Michael's today - yes, he's another handsome 
younger prince - his beautiful illustration and story will
touch your heart.
It's a beautiful day for a SCRIBBLE PICNIC  - here's 
hoping there will be several participants in this week's
lovely theme.


  1. The dream of every little girl, I think. Yours is lovely.

  2. I am still dreaming of a gate like that, beautiful work Mary!

  3. What a wonderful scribble of your picket fence. I am so happy dreams came true for you.

  4. Your picket fence and arbor are so charming. Dreamy really.

  5. My mother certainly never told her children anything of the sort!!!
    My mother told us that we would grow up to be tennis champions at Wimbledon and then go on to become the Prime Minister. Sometimes she told me I would be an astronaut. I never played at Wimbledon, although my tennis partner did. I never became Prime Minister, although I'm still very interested in justice and politics. I never became an astronaut. I did marry the handsome prince, or at least an imitation who gradually became more like the perfect champion of millions. Luckily for my husband I am fully equipped to train potential and would-be champions, thanks to a very impressive mother.

    1. No my mum didn't either - she was a very modern woman for her era (born 1911) - but the storybooks did!
      I didn't make Wimbledon either - however my brother did, played mixed doubles at Jr. Wimbledon in the 60's!

      I'm enjoying retirement with my 'prince charming', but only because we worked hard for all those years in the careers we chose.

      As always, good to see you here Louise - hope all is good in far away Darwin.
      Mary -

    2. That's a lovely story about your hubs becoming a champion of millions. :)

  6. Soft and subtle and beautiful, Mary. How blessed you are to live surrounded with such beauty and with your Prince Charming as well ... it does have a fairytale feeling. Love it!!!

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. A fairy tale life! :) I feel like I have that too, minus the white picket fence! :) Your scribble is very pretty Mary :)

  8. Mary, I instantly thought of your cottage with this prompt, and yes, as i was working on my own piece, I did actually think of your adorable little cottage. :) I have to say, yours beats the one I did as it has such a lovely backyard garden. (The one I did only has the front bit.) Wonderful addition to picket fences. Thank you so much! BTw, I jsut saw your email about your trip adn will reply tonight or tomorrow. Exciting! :) thank you so much.

    P.S. Oh, btw, my mother never mentioned picket fences either as her dream was me living in a studio apartment in Paris or maybe London as an impoverished, waiting to be discovered oil painter. Hahahha. True.

  9. A cottage with a picket fence was part of my dream too. The prince came along and there have been many cottages, but this New Old Cottage is a keeper.

  10. Your cottage piece is beautiful, Mary! How lovely!

    I've always dreamed of living by the sea in a cottage with a white picket fence. It's never happened but I can still dream, right?


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