Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Scribble Picnic~~~~~~~~~~Storm!

Here it is only mid-May and it's been in the high 90's here for days
 with no rain and no storms. . . . . . . . . . .but some of each are 
supposedly on the way, hip hip, hooray!!!!!

So this is what I'm sharing for the theme STORM this week,
a snow storm from Antarctica - my most exciting expedition trip ever -
with a favorite penguin.

Whew! I feel cooler just looking at this.

Sorry I wasn't able to comment on last week's theme - you all
had such great 'strawberry' ideas.
Just after I settled down to enjoy our picnic, an emergency call 
from a granddaughter had me tied up all day with doctors, hospitals,
and the poor thing having an emergency appendectomy at 7:30 pm.
I then played 'nurse' for several days so blogging took a back seat.
 She's doing well thankfully.

Stop by Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC today, he's predicting stormy weather!


  1. Hi Mary :) I love your penguin!! You did a great job on the snow falling too, just lovely! I'm glad your granddaughter is doing better, what an ordeal!

  2. Glad your girl is better, but glad too that I don't live near the penguin, though I would have loved you last trip.

  3. Glad all is well with your granddaughter, whew! Your snowstorm piece is lovely!

  4. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this site
    is truly nice.

  5. I love your snowstorm/penguin art!

  6. Love your take on the prompt, Mary...great job at capturing a penguin in a snowstorm!

    Very glad to hear that your Granddaughter is doing well after her appendectomy. I had my daughter stay with me for a week some years ago after she had an appendectomy so I fully understand things like blogging taking a back seat. :)

  7. Love your penguin in the storm! Hope the storms that come your way aren't too severe.

  8. I hope your granddaughter is doing much better. How lucky to have you so close by to tend to her during her time of need. I absolutely love your penguin in the storm.

  9. Bom dia, quero desejar as rápidas melhoras da sua neta, a imagem é criativa e encantadora.
    Continuação de boa semana,

  10. So glad your granddaughter is doing well. That can be really scary and she is blessed to have you there to help her out. As for your art ... splendid! The penguin blends right in with the snow ... really such a beautiful piece. Is nursing something you have done in your life or were you just winging it? I know it is hard work and even more difficult when it is someone you know and love. I wish you both well and a quick recovery for your granddaughter ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. Aw I'm so glad you could play grandma there and glad all are well. Of course that is way more important.

    As it is, this is wonderful, Mary. I can;t remember the name of that penguin you gave it but i do recall your fondness for one in particular. A wonderful dedication. Love how you did the snow and just part of the head and body showing. Great job.

    As I write this, we have thunderstorms now and expected to have it for 4 days! It's that perfect time of year here where for a few weeks it's actually green.

    Enjoy your two weeks off. I sooooo can't wait to see what you depict for "Classic!" It could be a piece of china, a car, watch, silverware, who knows.


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