Thursday, May 3, 2018

Working to make a good life. . . . . . . . .

My first Spring rose, Peace, opened this week, 
and what a perfect flower it is.
There are several more buds readying to bloom 
bringing beauty and fragrance to the garden.

Early this morning we had our coffee on the front porch, enjoying the roses,
the many birds at the feeders and those coming back and forth to their
 nests, the scurrying squirrels, early morning walkers passing by. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . all the quiet noises of the new day.

Yes, it is a good life when you put your heart into it.


  1. That's a beautiful rose...I SO want to have a rose garden!! One of these days :) Alex and I are just waiting on some milder weather to have our morning tea out on the veranda in the hammock! :) Life is pretty darn good when you can relax and hear the sound of nature! :)

  2. The peace rose is one of my favorite and your picture takes my breath away. Ours hasn't bloomed yet. So happy you are enjoy the simple things of life.

  3. I love peaceful mornings on the porch or patio with my coffee, just soaking in all the beauty of nature around me. Your rose is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! It will be a few weeks before my Peace rose is in bloom.

  5. My roses are full of buds, but no colour yet. Your Peace Rose is lovely. You paint a very calm and peaceful picture. I am going to go out now to repair the damage that the deer did overnight - Scabiosa and Salvia destroyed......the fawns don't know that they aren't supposed to like those plants!


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