Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A burning question......

Help!  Anyone out there know where you can buy these wonderful French tapers here in the USA?  My box of 20 bougies is almost empty.  I love these non-drip, slow burning candles for the dinner table - they have holes allowing the melted wax to drip down inside the candle, a brilliant idea.  I found this box several years ago but don't recall where.  The places I've unearthed online are out of stock.  Does this mean I need to plan another visit to France?  Or perhaps my brother and his wife will read this and tell me they can grab me a box right there in their little French village!  I'll be waiting. 

Do you burn candles in your home?  What's your favorite perfume?  I love the lighter scents of linen, cotton, sea salt.......but I must say the tomato and blackcurrant one I was given in England on my last visit is the most fabulous and unusual fragrance of all.

Edited 7:30 AM:
Should have known my wonderful Francophile friend Penny at Comforts of Home (where she's having a great 'French giveaway') would know where to find bougies!!  Thanks for the info Penny.  Looking for a great gift for friends whose table settings include candlelight?  They would definitely be delighted to receive a box of Bougies la Francaise.........until you get a trip to France looks like you can buy them here!


  1. Good luck dear!! They seem to be really good ones. It was good seeing you this morning even if I'm always running around... Love, Vanessa

  2. I would find you some if I could, but have never seen long life ones here.

  3. Good Morning Mary! I just ordered some too....I had never heard of these, so because you mentioned them I was on a quest. Glad I could find them for us....

  4. Because we live in such a small space and always lived in mobile homes of one size or another I never burned any candles. I did buy the battery operated ones once and they worked pretty well. Glad Penny could help you find them.

  5. Didn't know about these so thanks for the information.
    Happy Day, Mary! ~ Sarah

  6. Hello Mary, We had a fun weekend with our daughters but the game was not a good one for the Gators. However, it was a nice time anyway. we came home to Dr. appointments and chores to do and I came down with the flu. Sigh. That took the stuffing out of me. Today I am feeling so much better and have had fun visiting and being quite lazy. I scrolled down and caught up with a few posts. Loved your Pink Saturday post and the cat problem would be upsetting to me as well. We do have ferral cats around here too. So far none of them have been attracted to our area. My friend feeds one every day though. I think it is a mistake. Now when they go out of town, I feed it for them. I don't mind but it hasn't tamed it one bit.

    It sounds like you are enjoying your booth with Vanessa. I am happy for you both. Your photos are so festive. I hope I can see your space in Dec. Mostly I look forward to seeing you both. I don't know about Deborah. I would love to see her too.

    Your idea for decorating in your new decorating look will be elegant Mary. Bright colors are just not the right look for the French feel. I too have changed my idea of Christmas decorating and have enjoyed using white lights and lots of gold. We just bought a new prelighted Christmas tree. I am thrilled and can't wait to decorate it. My tree is all fruit and I love how it looks.

    I'm glad you found the candles you love. I have some expensive beeswax candles that are great to burn. No dripping wax either.

    I better get busy and do something worthy today. I have decided to decorate my bedroom for Christmas early. Pat, at Back Porch Musings did hers and I decided it was a grand idea. Smile.
    A jump start to a huge job.
    Wishing you happy, festive, days ahead my dear friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  7. Mary, I Dream of France (dot com) usually has them, too, but they are currently out of stock. May want to bookmark them for future reference! Dripless candles are to dining what air conditioning is to an automobile. You can live without them, but WHY? LOL. Hugs, Cathy

  8. So glad that someone could help you! Carla

  9. Now I must check out these candles. I just love, love candles all winter long. For 35 years I made hand dipped beeswax candles, but haven't made any the past two years. I have a few yet to burn, but now this might a good alternative in the future. Thanks for the tip. As far as scents, I often like them plain, but also like clove or vanilla too.

  10. TY for sharing this information.
    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  11. Those sound wonderful for the table. We have lots of candles here since my daughter is working for a candle shop right now.


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