Sunday, November 14, 2010

.....more cat tales

This has been my week for cats and kittens visiting the porch.  Even though we no longer have pets of our own we seem to be a resting stop along the way for passing felines. 

Perhaps it's the mirror where they seem to enjoy stopping and primping.....

.............or could it be my French toile covered cushions and pillows, warm and inviting in the Autumn sunshine.

This is Bella peering in at me through the dining room window.  A pretty kitty who needs to be renamed as 'she' has now been re-classified as 'he'.  Living down the street, he belongs to three little girls and is being allowed to run wild without a collar, or being neutered......a big no-no as we all know!

While Bella was sleeping, perfectly color co-ordinated alongside my gourds, I called the owners who came and took him home.  I sure hope they take better care of this very friendly, handsome young cat, and soon!

Meanwhile an update on the feral cats we've been catching (dislike the word trapping but in all honesty that's what it was).  We managed to get the last little all black kitten on Thursday and was he ever ferocious!  The animal control officer had a very hard time getting him out of the cage and resorted to the burlap bag which she used to get the mom.  This means all four kittens and the mom have gone from the garden...........we are so glad.  Of course there are still several more feral cats around so we won't be surprised if we go through this yet again some day! 


  1. What a cutie this sweetie is!! I've always thought little orange & whites are sweet looking. Feral cats can certainly be a handful. Good to know they were all captured successfully. Tammy

  2. So sweet. Very cute little kittie.

  3. What a precious face. Your photos are gorgeous, Mary. Loved seeing this! ~ Sarah

  4. What a super cute puss! I hope the owner will get him neutered though.

  5. Bella/Bello really is very pretty/handsome but I agree with you Mary, she/he needs to be "seen to" soon.
    Thanks for stopping by NL "on vacation".
    You are so lucky to have a Carolina beach so close by, enjoy.

  6. I just saw an episode on Animal Planet {yes, I watch it!} about feral cats. It's very sad and it's rare that they can become pets.

    Your neighbors have a darling kitty. I too, hope they start to take care of it.

    Happy Sunday, Mary.


  7. What a sweet cat. We have feral cats off and on in our neighborhood and don't feed them. Luckily our one neighbor is good about trapping them and at least giving them a chance to get a new home while at the shelter.

  8. Such a cutie! Of course they like coming to you since it is a warm and comforting place to be!
    Take Care,

  9. Beautiful take such neat pictures!

  10. Bella did look so pretty on your most inviting porch. We once had a cat, named Natasha, that was also a boy kittie. He visited our yard often from the neighbors house. Thank goodness he was neutered, but still free to roam. He liked it in our yard because there were no little kiddies to pull his ears.

  11. what a sweet little cat...and I love her heart-shaped nose....!

  12. Even before I read your comment I thought, "That cat is perfectly coordinated with the gourds!" Our Dusty girl roamed our neighborhood. We tried to keep her as a house kitty but she cried so much to be let out and escaped so often she got her way. She was a very (Bismarck) street wise girl and ruled the neighborhood. She never crossed Avenue C (a very busy street) even tho we were only 1/2 block away. She died (at home) at age ripe old age of 18 1/2.

  13. PS - Dusty was neutered and collared!


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