Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a day at the beach

Even when Summer's a memory....... 
............the beach is beautiful.

Lines of brown pelicans fly just above the surf.

 Young girls paddle while listening to music....................sigh!!!!

Dancing in the shallows while we wait and enjoy the late breezy Autumn afternoon.

Shells are scarce as storms have stayed away, thank goodness!

Granddaughter who has shared a beach weekend each year, leaves a message in the sand........see the heart at the end.....

.............and we hope she will always remember the fun times we've had.

Carolina Beach, October 2010

Looking homeward across the pond.


  1. Lovely post Mary, hugs from across the pond!

  2. you must have a very special camera, your photos are always so superb.

  3. Hi dear, I'm sure she will always treasure the moments shared with you. Love, Vanessa

  4. So sweet Mary. I think I would rather hear the ocean than music but I'm photos.

  5. Here's is cold, rainy and foggy..... can you see why I envy you so much?????

  6. The people who have left the biggest impression on my heart other than parents are my grandparents - what a great gift to give your grandaughter Mary....

  7. Beautiful pictures, Mary!! I love that Jasmin wrote Grandparents in the sweet of her!! And you, my friend, look SO happy!!


  8. Mary, that is such a sweet post! I especially love the picture of you and your husband. Carla

  9. Jasmin is so lucky to have such loving, giving grandparents in her life. And best of all it is really apparent that she is thankful and appreciative of all the love you share with her. "Hi" to Bob and Jasmin.

  10. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It was great to hear from you!! The Beach looks great! John and I were thinking of going down to Carolina Beach for the day but things are always coming up. Hopefully we'll get there before it gets too cold. Take care!

  11. Mary, Look at your calendar and let me know what is a good date for you and email me. Want to come to Oxford or meet somewhere in Raleigh?

  12. That last picture is just wonderful. What a lovely tradition to share with a special granddaughter.

  13. Lovely images of your beach get away. ~ Sarah

  14. Hi Mary,
    I loved this post. Your granddaughter is such a dear. She loves her grandma and grandpa, that's for sure!

  15. Awww, that is so sweet that last pic adn your sentiment.

    Isn't it funny too how all these years alter you still refer to "home"as being across the pond? I keep thinking, ok, time to call this totally home but a part of me still remains.

  16. Loved my Grandma and still do. There's nothing like a Grandmother to remember the rest of our lives. I love that ocean and have never been across the pond.


  17. Love the photo of Jasmin dancing along while Bob is standing there keeping watch. You know she will always remember these times you spend with her, and she is very fortunate too. A lot of grandchildren do not live as close, or as it was in my case, only saw my German grandparents twice. Of course, travel back then was so much more expensive too. Now I must say that photo of you and Bob is a keeper! Love it!
    Hugs sent to both of you.
    Take Care,


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