Friday, February 15, 2013

A Favorite Thing Saturday...............

I stopped at the shopping center close to home this week and could hardly believe my eyes! 
One of my favorite things arrived early, Spring blossoms.

These trees (cherry I think) were dancing in the February 
breeze dressed in their ballet pink petals. 
Add the brilliant Carolina Blue sky and what did I do.........................

.............headed to the car wash of course. 
With signs of Spring all around - my daffodils are 
dancing too - a clean car seemed a must.

Only problem now.............snow is forecast for 
Saturday afternoon/evening, just a dusting hopefully.

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  1. It's nice for you to see the spring blooms already but with snow for tomorrow I hope they don't get frost bitten. That snow must be part of the storm system that is heading for the Maritimes of Canada on Sunday. It's going to be very nasty. I guess we'll arrive home to it late Monday night. Enjoy the weekend Mary.

  2. I need a car washing so badly. Don't worry about a little rain or snow, if your car is clean it just rolls off.

    Love the new blossoms. I would be thrilled, too!


  3. Your new header is breathtaking - I see the signs of blossom buds here too.

  4. Wonderful blossom, our tress are still looking like dead sticks!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful that blossoms can make us happy! I had a few small cherry blossom trees outside my shop windows, and loved to watch the blossoms fall ~ like pink snow. Enjoy your week end!

  6. A fresh coating of snow here in Western PA....your blossoms made my morning! :)

  7. Signs of spring make my heart go pitter pat! I live in central pa, and we aren't really seeing anything yet. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven and say hi!

  8. We're enjoying the blossoms up here to - early plums all along Government Street. They are a vision against the blue sky.

  9. Thankyou for sharing this touch of spring.

  10. I love the sounds and signs of Spring. We have daffodils coming up and the plum trees have blooms.
    Enjoy your sunshine, while you can.

  11. Oh I love your favorite things this week. Pink blossoms just make the heart sing. I have seen a brief sighting, but not as much as this. My daffodils are forming heads, so soon they will be dancing too.

  12. I am more than ready for spring, yesterday it reached 59 degrees F here. Now tomorrow it is supposed to be bitterly cold, feeling like just 10! Ugh. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  13. I know Mary - that first sight of Spring blossom is quite magical!
    Of course I LOVe the "ballet pink" description too!!!
    Enjoy your weekend dear!
    Shane ♥

  14. Spring is nearly over here too. I looked at my cherry tree today and nothing at the moment but the daffodil fields are almost there! Found you through A Favorite Thing. Chel

    1. Thanks for stopping by Chel. You're in a lovely part of Britain - hope Spring arrives soon as the Winter has been pretty awful over there hasn't it!? We were in Devon at Christmas and it rained just about every day! Still had fun though a it's my real home!

      Mary -

  15. I think it is one of my favourite things is seeing the blossoms at spring time, especially the very first ones. Loved your photos and I think it is a cherry tree too.
    Love Leanne NZ

  16. Oh, to see a blossom! How wonderful that you are blessed with them. I hope you don't get too much snow or cold temps now that things are bursting into bloom!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  17. Oh my gosh! Love your banner - did you go to Antarctica? How fantastic!

    And pretty cherry trees too, life is good, huh?! :)

    Happy week to you!


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