Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Teatime, Falkland Islands style.........

January 14, 2013 - West Point Island, West Falkland Island
Good visibility - mostly sunny 
Wind W 3; Sea: smooth; Air Temp. 17C (62F)

 Paula, three fellow passengers, and Dimitri, one of the expedition team's naturalists and Zodiac drivers.....on their way to afternoon tea.

I've enjoyed several afternoon teatimes in some unusual and quite unexpected places this past year..........including high above the desert on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, tallest building in the world, and literally on the edge of Victoria Falls at Livingstone Island on the mighty Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa. 

Being born and raised in Britain, English tea is always a welcome drink reminding me of home wherever it is served............even at 4 PM when here in my very own cottage kitchen in America's southeast.

Now I'm adding another memorable teatime............on West Point Island, a remote, privately owned island in the British Falkland Islands - number 2 on the map.

M/S Expedition anchored in the island's protected bay and a short Zodiac ride brought us ashore under brilliant blue skies.

Zodiacs landing at the settlement's jetty. 

The beautiful island stretches over 2,700 acres and is owned by a farming family. The settlement, which includes their charming farmhouse, is on the hillside behind the trees.  

Before tea, we worked up quite an appetite with a mile and a half uphill trek to dramatic Devil's Nose and surrounding cliffs.  Here again we viewed rookeries, visible on the left above, of nesting Black-browed albatross and more Rockhopper penguins with chicks. Paula and I opted to ride back down in the Land Rover to the farm.

Back at the charming farmhouse there was much to enjoy. After removing our muddy boots we were invited inside. 

When I spied the dining room table literally groaning under the most amazing selection of homemade cakes and sweet treats I've ever seen, I felt quite guilty that I'd not walked back! Sorry, in the crush of many excited and hungry travelers squeezing into the room, all armed with steaming cups of tea, I forgot to take interior pics.  

Edited: Paula sent me her picture of the tea table above - 
thanks P. You can see what it's like inviting 136+ people to tea!
Imagine having that many beautiful china cups and saucers too!

Instead I headed back into the garden, found a bench with friends among beautiful flowers and birds - this is a Pipit in the foxgloves - while scoffing goodies, sipping excellent tea, and experiencing wonderful hospitality extended by the family who live here.

This garden structure was interesting...........

.............and so much more gentile and enjoyable than the way the media blasts weather reports to us here at home!

Paula, with our friend and fellow traveler Bob, enjoying a cuppa under the honeysuckle......I can smell the perfume from here.

The tussock grass and granite hills of West Point Island.

Another memorable teatime for me.

Do you have a favorite place for taking afternoon tea? Have you enjoyed a cuppa in a really unusual place somewhere in the world................would love to hear your teatime stories.


  1. Love the rock:) Such a different place....

  2. I am just having to imagine the groaning table of goodies. What a wonderful adventure and story of afternoon tea. It does remind me of teatime in New Zealand many years ago. We took a small boat across the lake from Queenstown to a sheep ranch. We were greeted by a sweet Victorian house where there was tea and goodies served inside, then out to watch the dogs perform their sheepherding.

  3. Welcome home, after what must of been a great experience!!
    Being near Aldershot and the military town I have seen a film by Major General (Retd) Anthony Neil Carlier,Commander of British Forces in the Falklands. He showed the ladies group in church a film of all the bird life etc...very interesting and you have been lucky enough to see them in person too!!

    Where are you off to next on your travels??

  4. Ahhh Mary..
    You indeed are a breath of Fresh Air!!
    loved the tour..
    Pics are beautiful..
    while not sipping a Cuppa..
    this southern girl is enjoying Iced Tea!
    so good catching up with you again!

  5. Last year I hosted an afternoon tea in my garden to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. That was pretty special, although I didn't have far to go!

  6. What a delightful tea to add to your list of memorable teas. I imagine the farmer's family is glad for some company from time to time on their remote island. The garden looks like a wonderful place to sit.

    I've not had tea in such exotic locales, but we enjoy a thermos of tea on our hikes. On Monday we drank our tea overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, watching waves crash upon the shore far beneath us, and seeing bald eagles soar overhead.

  7. Amazing pix as usual Thank you.. I travel along with you...

  8. It's just so amazing all those thousands of miles away from the UK and just so British.

    Such a lovely Teatime spread.

    And want to stay British according to the poll results, but I don't think that was in doubt.

    Lil Bit Brit


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