Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring......and an anniversary.

..............will I be ready? 
You bet I will.
Waking to sun-filled mornings instead of cold rain 
and grey skies will help.
Not having a wretched cold which has turned me into a hermit 
this past week will be wonderful.

My GARDEN awaits. 
My HOUSE needs TLC.
My LIST grows longer.

  • Coming soon - small bathroom renovation
  • Attic clean out
  • General house 'Spring Clean'
  • Furniture painting projects 
  • Front porch re-do
  • Potting shed organization and clean
  • Pruning and trimming shrubs
  • Removing Winter mulch
  • Mowing grass

..............and a whole lot more I'm sure.

Meanwhile today is time for a little's six years since I stated blogging. Where did the time go? A lot has changed in the world of blogging since was much smaller, quieter, more intimate and easier. I have loved it mainly for the special friendships formed, many of which continue to this day, not only via the Internet but face to face in several instances. It's always such fun to meet blog pal in person and this year I hope to do more of this. I also love that it has become my creative outlet. It has helped me become a better photographer and see wonderful things in this amazing world through my lens which I failed to view before.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to visit here. Some of you leave a lovely comment, many of you e-mail me, some just look and hopefully enjoy what I share then move on as your days are busy. I appreciate you all more than you know. Now and then I think perhaps I'll discontinue blogging. There are now so many fabulous blogs out there, amazing women, and men, who do a much better job than me. Many have become almost legendary. Their readerships are huge, they show ads bouncing across the page bringing them an income. They display content gleaned from all around the world via the Internet. I don't want my blog to be one of those.....I just want to share my home, my garden, my travels, the little bits and bobs of this ordinary life which I enjoy each day. This blog will always be just my journal. I hope you will continue to stop by when you can..........the cottage door is always open and the old English teapot ready for a brew. I'll be here waiting.


  1. Dear Mary - I can imagine that things must have changed greatly during the 6 years since you first began, but glad that you intend to continue.
    I started blogging to record memories for my grandchildren particularly knowing how many times I have said " I wish I had asked my grandmother that." However, blogs seem to have a habit of developing and growing on their own, and I am never sure where mine may lead me to next when I write.

  2. Don't stop posting, Mary. You have such a calm and lovely blog. I do visit, but don't always leave a comment.

  3. Mary, I smile as I read your words for they ring true to my thoughts about my little ole blog as well. Six years is an amazing record for we all know the time and effort that goes in to creating a post. I'm truly blessed that our paths have crossed thought Blogland, and one day I hope that we can meet for a cup of tea. I'd like that!
    Yes, lots on my "To Do" list too, but here I sit reading blogs by a cozy fire. I must get myself moving on for the day, but it is so tempting to visit with blog friends and see what they are up to. Congratulations, my friend! ~ Sarah

  4. Hello Mary. You and I (and a few others too) blog for the same reasons and that's what I enjoy about it. Sharing my photos, everyday life and the beauty around me is a journal of sorts. Six years is a long time to stay with blogging and I am so happy to have found you 3 years ago when you were still "Across the Pond". I hope you will stay around as I enjoy your posts, your travel adventures and your home decorating style so much. Congratulations on 6 wonderful years of blogging! Love and hugs, Pamela

  5. Mary, dear friend, I love your blog and wouldn't be able to imagine a world without it. You've enriched my life, not only by your presence and friendship, but by your observations, your travels, your daily life and your kind and giving heart. Thank you so much for being there for those of us who love and value you and your blog. Congratulations, my friend!

    I'm with you. My blog is and will remain a personal journal. I've never understood those who just repost photos they find elsewhere. It's not original and usually I've seen them already!


  6. Happy Blog Birthday Mary. I am so happy to have gotten to know you through your blog and in person! I always enjoy reading your posts. I almost feel like I am on your adventures with you.

    It sounds like you have your hands full with your to do list. I am afraid to right my list down, it might overwhelm me :-).

  7. Sweet Mary, what a celebration, 6 years! I've only been around for half that time, but quickly came to truly love your posts, wonderful photography and of course your friendship. I understand that sometimes you feel like discontinuing, but you'd have a lot of folk truly missing you.

    Hope you manage to raise a glass in celebration :o)

    Lots of love

    Rose H

  8. You blog for the same reasons I blog. It's a form of journaling. I've "met" some wonderful people along the blogging pathway and I'm so thankful for that. Your blog is interesting and thoughtful - congratulations on 6 years!

  9. Dear Mary, congratulations on your 6 year anniversary! That is a long time in blogging terms for sure. I enjoy your posts, love your photos of your travels, I don't always have the time to comment but do love to browse.
    Cheers Judy xx

  10. I think your blog is lovely, heartfelt, kind, and generous. I just 'found' it a few months ago, and now consistently look forward to reading it. Thank you!

  11. Congratulations on six years of blogging. I wish I had discovered you sooner. Your blog is PERFECT as it is--your life, your home, your travels....all presented so well and your photos are phenomenal. Thank you so very much. I visit you daily and when (and if) I ever have an extra few minutes I visit some of your older posts on your travels. And I have learned so much. Thanks again...I appreciate your taking the time and effort to write "your journal." By the way, Antarctica has been extraordinary!!!
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. I meant to add that you truly are A Breath of Fresh Air and for that I am grateful.
    Farm Gal

  13. Happy anniversary! I feel the same about blogging. It does sometimes amaze me at some of the blogs that have such high readership. I don't always get it. I would much prefer yours.
    Hope you are feeling totally well soon. It sounds like you have a busy Spring and soon the sun will shine, I just know it will. I bought two packets of seeds just the other day while I was remembering you plant morning glories and moon flowers. I tried last year, but they didn't make it. One more try again this year. Looking forward to seeing you too in 2013.

  14. Congratulations on your six years of blogging, Mary! I, for one, am so glad you are here. It seems so many of us started around the same time. It is about six years for me too. You have certainly shared lots of beauty here over the years that I've been visiting, as well as some amazing adventures far and wide. Like you, I'm not one for vast readerships and worldwide acclaim, just something intimate and quiet, like a real friendship. It's lovely knowing you via the blogs. And perhaps one day face to face.

  15. Hi Mary, I'm concur wholeheartedly with your thoughts on blogging. I just want to be simple me enjoying all that life brings my way. Friendships have formed through blogging that I never could have imagined. And I definitely view the world differently, seeing things I would have overlooked before. I so enjoy your travels around the world and all your beautiful photos. After being away for 5 days and then jumping right back into work, my house definitely needs a lot of TLC so this weekend will be about cleaning and catching up. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  16. I'll be popping in to see you Mary and I would love to join you for a virtual cup of tea - a shame it can't be in reality - who knows maybe some time in the future we will meet up - wouldn't that be lovely!

    Amazing that you have been blogging for six years - well done!
    However, I'm not really surprised as you engage so well with your followers and your posts are always such a good read and cover all the things that interest me too.
    I've visited a couple of those big flashy money making blogs - not my scene at all!!!

    Here's to your next six years dear Mary - you can't run away now!
    Your travelogues are legendary and I for one am looking forward to your next big adventure, wherever that may take us I know we'll have some fun along the journey!!

    À bientôt
    hugs and smiles

    Shane ♥

  17. Sending smiles from the North to Vermont to see my aging/ailing parents on Sunday and I will think of you (as I always do) when driving thru Manchester. Thanks for the lovely e-mail, sorry that I haven't you know...

  18. Mary, I just love your blog site and look forward to it the first thing every day! Thanks for sharing with us all your wonderful photos and visits to your home and garden.
    Thank you....

  19. Congrats! I'm glad I was one of those that got to meet you.

  20. Congratulations on reaching your six year blogging anniversary, Mary. I always enjoy my visits here. As a fellow gardener I especially enjoy your gardening posts. You have such a beautiful garden.
    I remember the more intimate way of blogging you described. That's how it was when I started too and what drew me into it. Showing up to an open cottage door and an old English teapot holds much more appeal to me than ... well I'll just leave it at that :).
    Hope you don't decide to stop blogging as I would miss you.

  21. I am sad to think of you leaving! At least you will continue to blog for your own enjoyment, but I understand your participation will be minimal and perhaps non-existent in to others' blogs. Perhaps if you could come by every once in a blue moon and just say hi, I would love it! But you will be missed! Happy blogerversary, though! I will come by from time to time and see where you have been! And what kinds of vintage things you have bought, and what your thoughts are.

    1. Marie, I'm not leaving! I will continue my blog AND get by to visit all my blog friends as often as I can. Sorry I'm behind with visiting you but I've been gone so much and have to yet catch up with everyone.......and leave comments!

      I'll be by to 'see you' before the next blue moon - promise!!!!!!

      Hugs - Mary


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